November 17, 2018

Matching a Masonry Fireplace to Your Home’s Interior in Syosset, NY

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Whether you’re installing a new masonry fireplace or having an existing one remodeled, it’s important to make sure that your interior fireplace matches the overall style and design of your Syosset, NY, home. No matter what kind of home you have, experts in interior masonry can help you match the new fireplace to its surrounding features. Here are some suggestions for ensuring your masonry fireplace blends in with the rest of your house.

New Construction

If your home is on the newer side, you probably have lots of bright whites, pale grays, or neutral colors in your decor. You will want a fireplace that looks more modern to match the rest of your interior design. Typically, modern fireplaces are bright, in white or ivory tones, and will run the length of the wall to open up the room. Stacked stone veneer is the latest trend in interior masonry right now, so a light stone would do great to match with pale grays and blues. It’s also a great complement to almost any color of hardwood. If stacked stone isn’t your thing, you could choose a smooth quartz finish for an ultra-contemporary look. In a white or gray color, this would match almost any paint color on your walls and even decorative rugs or throws.

Old Character

In an older home, you may be looking to update an older fireplace while still retaining the character of your home. For example, older homes often have elements like crown molding, built-in or custom shelving, and original hardwood. These character points can be a little more difficult to match as it would involve finding new materials that will be a good complement to older ones. Usually, the best bet for matching these elements is to choose neutral palettes like browns and taupes. For example, you could choose a larger sized stone veneer in a natural limestone color and use a white accent like a white mantel. This solution would match a home with white crown molding or built-in shelves. You could also choose taupe stone and dark brown accents to match a home with original hardwood.

Rustic Charm

A rustic home has more natural accents or lends itself to more natural surroundings. Stone masonry looks especially fitting and styled for these types of homes. For a great rustic look, choose a stone veneer with a variety of lighter and darker colors in it. This tends to create a look straight from nature, where different shades and tones of stone are found. This will also be easier to match, as there are more colors to blend with the elements already in your home. Instead of a sharply cut stone veneer, opt for a more natural looking one. You could choose stone with more rounded or randomly shaped pieces. These are closer to what’s found in nature and will blend in well with other rustic elements in your home, like wood window casing.

Once you know what style your home has and what type of design you’d like, all that’s left to do is contact us and have us make your fireplace dream a reality!


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