October 19, 2021

Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Make Your Yard Look Like a Luxury Resort

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You worked hard on your outdoor landscaping, and you want to showcase it for all its worth! The best way to do that is by adding outdoor lighting ideas to make your yard look like a luxury resort! Here are some that will take your yard from looking like an average outdoor space to a lush green oasis.

Outdoor Lighting Tips

Here are three tips to share with you about outdoor lighting:

LED fixtures suck as little as 3 watts as opposed to 35 watts

This is what that standard outdoor lighting fixtures require. Not only does it save energy, but it also cuts down on outdoor lighting time by about 90%!

Fluorescent outdoor lighting uses conventional designs and tubes or bulbs that run on low-voltage current. They do not rust and do not need paint coming in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Outdoor Lighting Colors

The warmer colors of outdoor lights create a tranquil setting. Bright white ones make the outdoor space more festive! Again, the right color choice for your lighting depends on what you want it to look like. When you are looking for an outdoor oasis where you can relax with friends and family, choose some warm colors.

Low-voltage electricity for lanterns and unseen fixtures

These outdoor lights are low on visibility. It is best to use them for your space. The savings on your lighting bill is worth it!

Lights in the Garden of Your House   

Highlight flowers or plants outside your house with lights. You can go as fancy as waterproofing all the globes and tubes needed. This takes time but outdoor lighting ideas do not get any easier than this.


When outdoor space permits, lighting ideas should include dimming them to create different moods. Make your oasis inviting with the right lighting. What makes you go outdoors? You can relax in it after a long day at work. Another is entertaining your family and friends there easily!

Whatever the reason is, outdoor lighting is an important decorating idea. Transform your setting from ordinary to extraordinary! Your investment in this part of the project pays off when you can use your space for relaxation or entertaining purposes.

Swimming Pool Lighting

Bring your love for water by putting varied types of lighting into the swimming pool area! Below are three concepts:

Spa Lighting

Use outdoor lighting ideas to create a spa-like atmosphere. You can also add in some creative decor such as ornaments to create the feel of the spa.

Enhance your evening swim with the multi-colored LED Highlights Lighting™ system. Expect that this is standard on all fitness spas and swimming pools. These underwater lights are soft and glowing! Plus, six lit cascading water spouts will enhance any view you have in mind for your backyard oasis. Your new outdoor space is the envy of every neighborhood nearby!

Tropical Look of Tikis

Go for outdoor lighting ideas that give your space the look of a tropical oasis with tiki torches or lights! You can also do this indoors.

When you want to make your bar stand out and go beyond just a place to relax, think about adding some tropical flair with tiki furniture! There are so many styles that it can take forever to list them all!

You can find everything from carved moai tables topped with funky lampshades or even an entire island vibe in the formist Craftsman-style complete with a palm tree growing up through its roof! But any type of paned-glass decors suits either backyard shack as well.

Waterfalls Lighting

Add outdoor lighting behind your waterfall. Not only will you get a fantastic water source, but you will light them up at night! It is outdoor lighting at its best!

Water Spouts Lighting

Enhance water spouts with outdoor lighting. This idea is as simple as painting the fixture black and creating a focal point of your space. The problem is that there are so many outdoor shading ideas to choose from! Even when you have an outdoor space, you do not want it to look plain and boring. These lighting ideas change that overnight!    

Lighting An Expansive Space

Do lighting outdoor spaces with a comprehensive approach. You want to include lighted pillars, wall sconces, and solar lights. Lighting ideas can create a magical space that you will enjoy sharing with family and friends!

When it comes to your outdoor oasis, lighting is the most important decorating idea. You can use it to transform your setting from plain to superb!


Remember that your outdoor lighting ideas should include the following:

Low Voltage Lighting – It creates a mood without drawing too much attention.

Custom Outdoor Lighting – Shop around and find ones that fit your space and budget.

Patio Lighting Fixtures – You can use them as well as string lights.

Lighting Ideas for Gardens – These include garden torches.

Solar Powered Outdoor Lights – This is for your desire to reduce the dependence on city utilities such as electricity.

Lighting Control

Hire a local masonry company to create a system for this function. Lighting is outdoor decorating at its best! It can create magic that you will enjoy sharing with family and friends for many years to come! So, go shopping, get creative, and start building outdoor lighting ideas today!

Create those that will help you enjoy your area more! The first thing you must do is choose a method. There are four basic types.

Enjoy Your Vacation — In Your Backyard

Consider outdoor lighting as one of the best features of your space at night! You can create an oasis that includes colorful accent lights. Make it look like a luxury resort or fantasy forest. Provide it for your outdoor kitchen and barbeque area, spa-like atmosphere, tiki torches, or even waterfalls. The choices are many and all you have to do is pick the idea that appeals to you the most!

Like These Outdoor Lighting Ideas? Give Us A Call!

Show your outdoor lighting ideas to give the space a look of a luxury resort or fantasy forest! Contact Above All Masonry in Long Island for outdoor lighting installation today. See outdoor lighting fixtures that will fit in with any decorating plan you have in mind. They are sturdy and can last for many years to come! It is outdoor lighting at its best!

Create your dream of transforming a plain yard into a fancy resort! Consult a professional masonry contractor for your outdoor lighting needs.


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