September 29, 2017

Pair These Features With Your Outdoor Fireplace

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The attraction of a fireplace for your Kings Park, NY, home is undeniable – it enhances intimacy, warmth, and turns your patio into a welcoming and attractive gathering spot. A fire feature is also great for heating up chilly evenings and adding a gentle ambient light to the occasion.

To make your outdoor area truly unique consider pairing your fireplace with these features to enhance both function and aesthetic:

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are ideal for enclosing an outdoor fireplace area to provide a comfortable and intimate niche in which to enjoy the fire, protected from the wind and cold. Furthermore, retaining walls can function as additional seating or contain plants to add greenery to the area. The natural stone or concrete aesthetic of a fireplace can be matched with the vertical surfaces of retaining walls for a cohesive design that extends throughout the space. Stone veneer or stacked slate can be a perfect complement to the building material of your outdoor fireplace.

Permanent Seating

Permanent seating is a convenient way of kitting out your outdoor fireplace area to accommodate a large number of guests or provide ever-ready, durable seating. Permanent seating can be arranged around an outdoor fireplace in line with the back wall of the fireplace, or placed in a semi-circular arrangement in front of it. Back wall seating can be formed from retaining walls or benches and is best done in an arrangement that flares outwards from the fireplace rather than running along a straight line behind the hearth.

Such an arrangement around the fireplace allows for socializing and even distribution of heat amongst guests. Additional moveable seating can be placed in front of the fireplace as needed.


The materials that you incorporate in your fire feature play a key role in determining its final character. For example, a stucco finish with travertine tile banding can be used to create a Tuscan style fireplace, while natural stone can be used to create a more rustic old world aesthetic. A combination of stone and brick can be used to reflect a historic design character indicative of the 18th century estates. These materials can then be extended into the rest of your outdoor area with the use of additional vertical structures, accents, banding or bordering.

A Natural Stone Patio

Natural stone contributes natural coloring, organic character, and visual warmth to any outdoor space. A richly decked natural stone patio of flagstone or bluestone, coupled with an outdoor fireplace creates an area that is rustic and cozy – the perfect place to enjoy the crackling warmth of an evening fire.


A pergola makes for a handy covering for your outdoor fireplace area, allowing you to enjoy the open sky while staying protected from the sun. The advantage of a pergola is that it can be fitted with temporary covering such as shade cloths and outdoor curtains to provide customized shade and privacy for a romantic fireside evening.


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