October 20, 2021

Patio 101: Everything You Need to Know About Building A Patio

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Patio season is upon you, which means it is time to get out those tools! Set up a space for outdoor relaxation. A patio will transform the exterior of your home into a living area. You can share it with friends and family.

Installing a new patio is a great way to increase your property value! It will also provide you with a comfortable place to enjoy the sunshine!

Read on for everything you need to do to build a beautiful new patio from scratch.

Patterns and Layouts

The first step of everything you need to know about building a patio is laying out the pattern. Some people prefer symmetrical ones with straight lines, while others prefer a more natural look. The patterns you choose can appear as large or as small as you want.

They can also serve as pathways for walking around the patio. Larger ones have more options for layouts and furniture placement. It is up to you to decide how much room your new space needs.

You can create a perfect plan for your outdoor patio in just minutes with an easy-to-use and free online generator! It lets you experiment and see what different patterns look like. This is before deciding on one that is right for you.

Input the size of space available as well as any features or specifications such as coordinates and so on. But other than that, you can do it all automatically! When you balance it out correctly, voila! A beautifully designed blueprint ready for a makeover is in your hands! Entertain guests and show off your lovely home patio!


Before everything you need to know about building a patio begins, you have to prepare your space. This requires leveling out the ground so the surface is flat. The presence of uneven parts will cause problems. You will wind up with cracked bricks or loose pebbles that can damage your home.

You may be thinking everything you need to know about building a patio seems like a lot of work! But it can only get better starting from here. Now is also the perfect time to prep any plants or trees around your house. Make sure they are well clear of where the new patio will stand. It prevents unnecessary damage and helps prevent accidents when working near them.

Now everything you need to know about building a patio continues.

What are the best patio paver materials?

With a diverse selection of the best patio paver materials that you can use, below are 11:


Flagstone is a durable and long-lasting material for patios. It features different colors and can imitate stone, flagstone, or brick. Know it as one of the most popular materials to use for everything you need to know about building a patio! Many companies sell it including Lally & Son, Superior Stone Source, and JM Drywall Systems.

A flagstone patio is a perfect way to take advantage of your yard! This is whether you use it for personal relaxation or bonding with family and friends. The unique pattern and texture in natural stones give off such an inviting character! They will make the space feel more welcoming than ever before!

This patio material is a type of paving made from concrete-like stones that have been arranged in layers. Flags can either be sedimentary, metamorphic, or igneous rocks with varying amounts and colors. Sand mix into them so they form diverse patterns. This is when laying down for your little piece of paradise.

You will find these beautiful pavements used all over. See it on patios as well as outdoor areas. Examples are walls, outdoorsy things like poolside seating or fire pits, and so on.

Clay Brick

Brick everything you need to know about building patio structures that have a traditional style to them. This is a common material used for patios. It comes from the legacy of being a thing people have been using for centuries now. See it as one of those things that will never go out of style.

Since it does not require much work, everything you need to know about building a patio with brick stones just needs some mortar and grout. It all helps make it look even better too. This is because everything fits together tightly. With laid bricks, everything seems very square and uniform. Consider it another reason why it looks so great!

Patio Pavers

People who want the most durable and long-lasting patio installation possible should consider pavers over other types of materials. These are specially designed for this purpose. See an interlocked design that reduces or eliminates all reliance on grout or mortar to hold them together.

Everything you need to know about building a patio is that it consists of concrete. It looks like interlocking bricks placed on your outdoor area. They can also resemble little squares, rectangles, trapezoids, and more depending on the design you want to go with.

This alternative material has clay and sand. They create sturdy products that everyone loves when it comes to patios. The unique thing about paver bricks is that their pieces fit together.

Consider the fact that everything looks uniform on your outdoor patio. This gives an even appearance that your friends appreciate. You can find one of these patio pavers at an affordable price.


Also known as cement, everything you need to know about building a patio requires this hardy material. You can use it from sidewalks and highways to brick patio designs. Find everything you need for your homes like the concrete paver base and concrete pavers themselves. There is also all you need in terms of finishing touches such as sealants.

Familiarize yourself with everything you need to know about decorative concrete. You can choose from stamped patterns and exposed aggregate to stained and patterned designs.


Everything you need to know about building a patio has stones that appear in two types: crushed or angular. Both come into play after saying and doing all.

Crushed gravel consists of small and smooth stones with sharp edges. It can add a fancy look to your patios, driveways, and more.

Angular gravel materials appear jagged and irregularly shaped. It has everything you need to know about designing patios for these properties.

When you are wondering what type of gravel to use, choose from a variety. There are some with particles as small and delicate-looking as an eyelash. Another form is even smaller than the finest sandpaper ever seen on earth. Other sizes range up into larger pieces that can easily fill your pocket. A right rounded form is perfect for building flower beds at home!


Masonry uses a natural product for everything you need to know about bluestone slabs. It comes from passing on a product that people have been using for centuries. There is a similarity to everything you need to know about pavers but has more character.

The difference between bluestone slabs and related ones becomes apparent when one looks at each closely. Expect the components of this material including how to use it. However, all of it is natural and very irregular in shape. The mortar holds everything into place.

You can use bluestone slabs in homes to patios. They are available in different colors that come from chemical variances.


For everything you need to know about building a patio, the material can come from limestone. One interesting fact is that the stones look jagged and irregularly shaped. It makes everything look old and worn out.

Limestone is a sedimentary rock that contains calcium carbonate, usually the mineral calcite or aragonite. It may also contain small amounts of dolomitic lime to make up for any losses due to dissolution over time. Other trace minerals such as clay and iron-bearing oxides can also become present.

People can use natural colors to bright whites when building a limestone patio. After shaping the stones, they must seal them before placement in their desired location.

The mortar in limestone patios to exterior walls requires sand and cement. It holds everything together to make it look natural.


A brick patio design is a creative way to add contrast and interest! The use of different color bricks makes this covered space look pixelated. It gives an interesting visual appeal that is both unique in form but not quantity when compared with other patios out there. 

Everything you need to know about building a patio relates to brickstone. It is a durable and attractive product that offers all you want about paver bricks. Brickstone can also make up homes, patios, driveways, and sidewalks outside your home. You can customize the layout to look as desired.

It is a patented masonry siding that you can apply over virtually any wall and on any type of foundation. Unlike brick or stone, brickstone has an advantage for homes with slab-on-grade foundations because it requires no additional footings. Manufactured homes find it ideal as skirting material where aesthetics matter less than durability does.

Use natural light during the day for a perfect outdoor living spot! This is while enjoying food prepared on your grill at night.

Open Grids and Porous Pavement

A patio with an open grid design has all you need to know about designs. It is perfect for patios and driveways with the porous pavement! The main difference about designing a patio relates to materials. Both of these contain permeable features. Everything else can work its way out of the material one day.

Water drains through these spaces over time. It also needs little maintenance than other types of designs on patios and driveways.

The porous pavement style is new and different from the sidewalk. See thick individual pavers, but all hold together with mortar underneath your patio or driveway surface. You can walk on it temporarily before everything dries up.

Decomposed Granite

Everything you need to know about building a patio can have decomposed granite apparent in the design. They also call it DGA in many parts of the country.

The surface holds everything together naturally in its state. That means it remains porous enough when wet to allow moisture to drain through at all times. The top layer of any DGA surface is also hard and wears well.

It is a natural material you can find from roads to driveways, sidewalks, and patios. You can make it look like an old-fashioned road when it comes to the top layer. See a resemblance when making it look worn out and aged with the rest.

Decomposed granite satisfies everything you need to know about building a patio. You can also use it as a driveway or sidewalk material. It has all you want from the surface and underneath because of its features.

Pea Gravel

Pea gravel makes your patio look natural. The surface is hard and compact, but the material below gives an aesthetically pleasing appeal! Water drains through naturally when wet or dry. It looks similar to stone in its composition.

Consider it as the perfect cover for your driveway or sidewalk! When it comes to looks, rely on it for an attractive appearance! You can also use this material on patios, but compact below the surface in some way.

You will need a boundary to contain the gravel. You can track or kick small stones into your lawn, planting beds, and even inside as desired. It is not easy for a person who is new to walking on pea-gravel surfaces. Their feet will hurt more than other materials do.

But that does not mean you should just give up altogether. Some patio furniture may also become too heavy with pea gravel. Make sure to know what kind will work best for your intended use.

Patio vs. Terrace: Is there a difference?

The patio is more of a generic term. It can refer to wide-open spaces, balconies, and porches. A terrace is smaller in some way when it comes to design. Homes with decks also have them. Your outdoor living space may rely on both features.

The deck creates the perfect place to hold everything you need to know about building a patio! You can paint or let it weather naturally with time. A terra-cotta finish is perfect for many decks! It also resembles the inside of your home in some ways.

A terrace mostly serves as a platform. It may just become a part of your balcony or porch that you already have in your home. In some cases, everything you need to know about building a patio will include one.

The main difference between the two surfaces relates to flatness and levelness. Both terraces and patios contain many of the same features for both indoors and outdoors.

Where is the best place to put a patio?

The best place to put everything you need to know about building a patio is in your backyard! You can also contain it with walls or borders so everything will stay in place. The size of the patio should fit your needs. A good rule of thumb is extending 10 feet from the walls of your home.

Knowing everything you need to know about building a patio helps with the space. Take into consideration all involved before starting it for your home. You can also use your backyard as an outdoor entertainment center.

Patios make everything look better in your backyard. It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy everything around you! They also serve as a great place to hold parties!

Do I need permits to build a patio?

You should consider everything you need to know about building a patio. It is often so easy to build all by yourself with all you need in front of you. Prepare it in an ideal way with a pleasant look before starting.

Apply for necessary permits or approvals that contractors may require. They are the only ones who can build everything you need to know about building a patio. You may also consider hiring them when you are not sure how things work. It is all safe and secure with legal consent.

Do I need a patio railing?

Patios are a great place to relax and enjoy everything around you! But you also need to include safety. Add a handrail or fence for security purposes. Make sure children cannot get around easily without the proper protection in place.

As a general rule, a deck below 30 inches off the ground does not need railings installed on it and an adult can still fall. When you choose to build one that is 24 inches high, it can become too much. Some people may think that they are safe but are not since there is no railing around them.

What are the best guardrail materials?

Decks that are lower than 36 inches need to incorporate guardrails. But everything you need to know about building a patio will come with the deck height itself. A guardrail needs to appear as a one-half inch thick. It is not an ideal option when you go any thinner than this size.

It is also important to make everything you need about building a patio as sturdy as possible. A wooden railing will hold up well with railings and posts on both sides of it. This means that metal materials such as steel or aluminum do not work as well as wood itself.

How long will a patio last?

Patio furniture is a long-lasting investment. Some items will withstand the elements for 15 years or more. Others may only last half that time. There is no set timeline on when you should replace them. It depends on how well you care for and maintain them. This goes in different climates with varying levels of humidity.

UV protection is essential when your patio contains any dry surfaces such as wood tables. This type can break down its molecules over time which leads to cracks developing along with their grain patterns in sunlight.

Do you need a pro to design a patio?

Patios are often designed with the idea of everything you need about building a patio. Everything must appear in its best form for relaxation and entertainment purposes. It should not fall apart with rust, mold, or termite infestation.

One good option is hiring a patio contractor who is an expert. They will listen to what you need and want before making it all appear just right for your home.

Hiring a professional will help you get the most out of your space! After all, they are pros at what they do. Rely on them to design areas tailored for any need with expertise on drainage issues as well as life span concerns. Getting a pro is going to cost you money. Make sure that his skills fit into how much value you want from them before committing their time or resources.

What is the average cost of a patio?

Patios are often inexpensive to build. You can start everything you need to know about building a patio with your effort. Just make sure all is up to code before getting started. After all, contractors will follow all that apply for safety purposes.

Cement pavers cost the most but are the most durable option overall. They are available from bricks to tiles and everything else in between. Make sure that you have everything complete for them.

How can I cut the costs of a new patio?

Everything you need to know about building a patio will become complete via laborers. Make sure to get the right measurements before they start cutting materials for your patio. This includes being certain that all fits into place without any gaps or problems along the way.

You might think that renovating your patio means spending a lot. But you can make it more affordable. Like any room in the house, save money through creativity and ambition with design decisions. Examples are color schemes or flooring materials instead of just throwing cash at every problem.

Patios: DIY vs. Hiring a Contractor

There are always pros and cons to everything you need to know about building a patio. Some projects have more positives than negatives. Installing all except for the base materials means that the labor is up to you when it comes to construction. This can end well or lead to disaster.

Create your ideal patio by following this guide or contact a local masonry company to help you. It all begins with a specific and approved plan.


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