April 11, 2016

4 Patio Design Trends for Long Island Homeowners

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EACH AND EVERY YEAR, more and more homeowners are realizing the many benefits of having an outdoor living space for relaxing and entertaining at home. Because of this growing trend, each year comes with a bunch of new ideas for bringing style and beauty to backyard everywhere. Here, we take a look at some of the hottest patio design trends for the upcoming season.

Look out overhead: Patio Shade Structures

If you haven’t done it yet, you’ve probably considered it at least once while sitting out in the hot summer sun: an overhead shade structure for the patio! Spring is the perfect time to think about installing overhead shade before it gets too warm. Whether you go with a more elaborate pavilion-type structure with a full roof overhead or a simpler solution like an open-air pergola, there are hundreds of designs that are limited only by your imagination. Some patio shade structures are little more than a top and pillars: some are much more elaborate with curtains and other practical features such as screens. Whichever way you choose, an overhead structure is the perfect way to make sure you can sit and relax outside without the hot sun pressing down.

The Fire Pit: The Ultimate Backyard Accessory

One of the most popular ideas in patio design on Long Island these days is a fire pit. The natural warmth of a fire pit—or even a full outdoor fireplace— is one of the main attractions of adding this go-to feature. After all, the heat of the fire means that homeowners get to enjoy warm summer nights in late spring and early fall, giving fire pit owners a lot more “summer.” Another major reason that fire pits are so popular is their beauty. They are truly stunning addition to any outdoor space, giving the night a natural ambiance that many homeowners find perfect for intimate gatherings with friends or loved ones. While most Long Island families today don’t use their fire pits for actual cooking, the open fire is still great for roasting marshmallows and creating a “campfire” feel for your outdoor living space. As with many landscape construction projects, there is the added bonus of  knowing that the luxury will increase the resale value of the home, making a fire pit or outdoor fireplace a solid investment. past.

Light it Up! Outdoor Lighting for your Long Island Patio

One of the most useful things that you can add to your backyard patio design is an outdoor lighting system. Many NY homeowners add landscape lighting to make backyard grilling, swimming, and other fun summer night time events more comfortable and practical. With the proper lighting system, summer nights can be as much fun as summer days! In addition to the functional benefits of incorporating lighting into your backyard designs, comes the incredible added beauty and ambience. Path lights, tree lights, uplights, and stair tread lights all work together to make entertaining outdoors—even after the sun goes down—a truly memorable experience.

Finish it off in Style: Solid, Unique Furniture and Outdoor Decor

Depending on the overall size of your patio, you can make use of a wide variety of different outdoor furniture. Everything from stunning daybeds to beverage coolers can be added to the final design of your patio space. Many Long Island patios get furnished with full outdoor couches and love seats, space permitting. Most traditionally, patios include an outdoor dining space, which can either be furnished with freestanding outdoor furniture or can include built-in seating hardscape materials like those offered from Unilock.

No matter your needs and style, when it comes to furnishing your patio, it’s very helpful to consider the type of furniture you will use in advance of the patio construction. This allows the landscape designer to appropriately size the patio to accommodate your desires. After the major outdoor furniture elements are selected and placed, be sure to include the design details that help to make your patio space truly special. Outdoor décor items like lanterns, string lights, outdoor rugs, and even outdoor picture art are all available on the market today.

Choosing the patio design trends that are right for your home and family really comes down to deciding how you want to spend your time outside. Proper planning based on the answer to this question will result in a successful backyard design for your Long Island home.



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