February 17, 2020

Patios In Huntington Station, NY, Need Outdoor Lighting to Entertain Safely

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Outdoor lighting can certainly make your Huntington Station, NY, landscape more dazzling at night, but have you considered the ways it can increase safety for patios? Here are some of the reasons it may be time to make moving about your patio after dark more secure.

Outdoor Lighting Benefits 

  • Increased safety: If you have ever gone outside to take the trash to the can or to retrieve something you left outside earlier and tripped over a bush or toy because it was too dark to see, then landscape lighting could be just what you need to improve the safety of your nighttime patio space. When you can see well once the sun goes down, the chances of tripping and falling can greatly decrease.

  • Longer use: If you love your patio but don’t have enough light to allow the family board game to continue well into the evening as you enjoy the fresh air, then lighting for your space can keep that game going for as long as you wish. When you are tired of being cooped up at the office all day and long for a cup of hot tea on the patio, proper illumination can make that a go-to spot.

  • Creates a warm environment: Have you ever gone on vacation and thought that the nighttime lighting just made everything in the landscape so pretty? Well-placed patio lighting can do that for your own home, too.


Ways to Increase Patio Lighting

There are many ways to increase patio outdoor lighting, but first you must determine which areas need additional lighting and what type of lighting you want for those spaces.

  • Low voltage lights: Low voltage lighting that surrounds the base of your patio can be hidden within the shrubbery and landscape beds so that all you see is the effect—an inviting patio, warmly lit. Easily hidden and automatic, low voltage lights can add one layer of additional lighting to your patio.

  • Sconces and wall fixtures: Many homes are built with very little attention given to the sconces and fixtures for their exterior, and this is understandable since so many other details need focus during the build process. Upgrading and enhancing the sconces and wall fixtures for your patio can increase outdoor lighting while also adding some of your own style to the space. You can even choose similar fixtures to what you have indoors to continue a style that you love and provide a sense of continuity.

  • Hanging fixtures: If you thought chandeliers were only for the indoor dining room, think again. A covered patio can be the ideal place to hang a gorgeous chandelier that you can dim for more beautiful, ambient light. And if your patio doesn’t have a roof overhead, a skilled landscape designer can add one so that you can have a space not subject to the elements when you want to relax outside after dark.

The right fixtures properly placed within your Huntington Station, NY, patio area can greatly enhance your family’s enjoyment of the outdoors. Let an experienced landscape and masonry team help you choose the best lighting for your outdoor patio needs so that you can stay outside on a gorgeous evening for as long as you like.


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