April 5, 2020

Picking Seating Options That Match Your Outdoor Fireplace in Hauppauge NY

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Your Hauppauge NY, backyard serves as an extension of your home, and with a few stylish and creative options, your patio and surrounding landscape can look and feel just as comfortable as your living room or den. An outdoor fireplace makes it even better. Ensure you have the best seating options to keep the coziness and warmth at the optimal level with these ideas.

Adirondack Chairs

At the beach or in the mountains, the classic Adirondack chair is a quintessential relaxation favorite. This kicked-back style of seating is great in front of a fire pit, but the chairs are also quaint and convenient choices that you could bring around to your rustic outdoor fireplace as well. Plus, their portable design makes it easy to add a few extra chairs when friends unexpectedly come around. Opt for wooden Adirondack chairs in stains that match the wooden accents on your fireplace (such as your mantle) for a truly cohesive look.

Cushioned Rattan Couch and Chairs

Another understated casual seating option for the key spots in front of your outdoor fireplace is a cool cushioned rattan couch. This backyard favorite is designed to withstand the elements and is an ideal choice if you want to complement a tropical aesthetic. Choose padded fabrics in weather-resistant materials, and pick a pattern that speaks to you, or simply one that complements your outdoor decor. You could have your couch facing toward your outdoor fireplace and flank matching chairs on each side for an inviting, conversational setting.

Built-In Benches

Sometimes the best seating options are built right into the plans. Make a circular stone bench a part of your outdoor fireplace plan for a look that’s sleek and truly stunning, or consider a stone seating wall. Be sure to match the wall units used to your pavers or other home accents for a finished design that really wows. You could also have padded seat cushions at the ready and bring them out as needed.

Rockin’ Rockers

Not just for front porches, rocking chairs are a wonderful option when it comes to relaxing in front of your outdoor fireplace. No matter what style fireplace you have, a classic wooden rocker will look right at home. Plus, such rockers are easy to move when you need to make way for more seating. Whether you only have one rocking chair just for you, or a half dozen for the whole crew, you’ll find that rockin’ by the fireplace may just be your new favorite pastime.

Wrought Iron Dining

Want to really make the most of your outdoor fireplace? Consider making it your second dining space. Choose a powder-coated wrought iron set to go with any of the iron elements in your fireplace (such as the grate or decorative accents) to really pull the look together. Choose a round table to accent a rounded fireplace, or a rectangular one to mirror a more traditional squared fireplace.

Fireside dining is sure to be a new favorite for everyone in your family: With the right seating in place, your friends and family will be sure to come back to your outdoor fireplace again and again.


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