May 31, 2017

Poolside Essentials for Your NY Landscape Design

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While the installation of a swimming pool is often on the top of Smithtown, NY homeowners’ list of essential landscape elements, the surrounds are not given as much thought. Without the proper poolside amenities and atmosphere, however, your backyard is no better off for having a pool. Here’s the top five things to include in the landscape design for your poolside surrounds.

Landscape Plantings

A poolside is simply incomplete without greenery. While shedding trees and plants that drop seeds, leaves, and other debris into the pool aren’t ideal, an absence of plantings can make a poolside appear bleak and sterile. For the Smithtown, NY area, homeowners may choose container gardening for warmer weather plants; this process allows plants that will die during winter to be transferred to the indoors when the season changes. Evergreen trees are another solution that, although still shed leaves, do so at a measured pace throughout the year. Perennials are also a great option because they contribute an effortless pop of color, heightened greenery, and ease of care. Overall, the poolside area should include plants that are easily maintained with a heightened sense of movement, color, and texture.

Deck and Coping

Construction of a deck and coping for your pool is another necessary element of your pool design. You’ll find that your contractor will be a great deal of help in this regard. Familiar with architectural styles and common obstacles to overcome, he or she can offer advice concerning paver and coping choices. Because companies like Unilock offer a plethora of choices, you’ll have great freedom to incorporate personal style into the design with heightened affordability and durability included. Items of consideration for this element include rounded edge coping for a safe exit from the pool, as well as comfortable poolside seating. Non-slip surfaces for poolside surrounds are always a priority. Fortunately a number of concrete and natural stone options offer this essential quality.

Water and Fire Features

Including fire or water features into the design around your pool adds aesthetic interest and ambience. Addressing several senses, those of sight, sound, and touch, these features add greater depth to the design. Whether you choose a pool-integrated waterfall, fire table, or a simple fire pit, the finished project will be impressive and welcoming to guests and family alike. You’ll be surprised by the magnification of visual interest that this one element provides.


Seating walls add an elegance and privacy to your poolside area, as well as providing additional, everyday seating space. Although some homeowners prefer patio furniture to fill this need, permanent seating is an excellent supplement to your outdoor seating space and offers the advantage of being durable and water resistant, making it the perfect place to dry off after a swim. Your landscape contractor will help you choose materials for this feature that are hardy, attractive and resistant to weather damage in order to keep your poolside environment beautiful and functional for many summers to come.


For nighttime entertaining and swimming, lighting can add a sense of magic and romance. Whether you choose solar lighting, LED lamps, hanging lanterns, or sophisticated torches, you’ll encounter a range of options from which you can choose. Discuss this option with your landscaping contractor who will be able to supply expert advice considering appropriate and quality lighting options to complement your overall design plan while meeting the functional needs of your family.


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