January 12, 2018

Prepare for Summer with a Resort-like Backyard Design in Kings Park

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If you’ve always imagined a tropical paradise or resort-like entertainment area for your own backyard, you should know that your dreams for your landscape are easy to achieve! With these prominent trends, you’ll be able to transform your Kings Park, NY, backyard into a luxurious escape.

A private patio

A secluded corner of the landscape can serve as a relaxing retreat, free from the neighbors’ prying eyes. While a wooden fence could provide privacy, the material lacks a sense of luxury. An outdoor bamboo fence, on the other hand, is exceptionally contemporary and appears to belong in a lush botanical garden. You could accent the bamboo wall with small, interesting plants like potted topiaries and cacti.

Consider including a fire pit, fire bowl, or sleek fire table into your patio design to create a welcoming atmosphere. Closing off the patio can help to contain its warmth and concentrate the cozy ambience created. Ensure that your patio is outfitted with stylish, yet comfortable furniture and try to incorporate luxurious fabrics into the upholstery or accent cushions.

Tranquil water features

A water feature can be incorporated into the design of an inground pool, or stand alone as the centerpiece of an outdoor room. Consider creating a tall waterfall along the edge of your pool, for example. Not only will the wall separate the pool from the fire pit or furniture arrangement beyond, but it will also create the calming sound of running water. This soothing soundtrack to your poolside can help you feel far away from home. Waterfalls are also fun to swim underneath and improve the circulation of pool water, preventing the growth of algae.

Natural stone for an exotic touch

Sandstone is a popular choice for contemporary hardscape designs, as it conforms to the neutral color palette of most modern projects. Natural stone is also synonymous with luxury and never fails to boost the value of a property. The warm undertones within sandstone also pair well with greenery and are therefore excellent choices for patios with tropical themes. Consider nestling a sandstone pool deck beneath a substantial cover of large-leaved plants, leading to a clear blue pool with a beach entry.

A beach entry simply slopes to the desired depth of the pool rather than descending via a system of steps. This emulates the edge of a lake or calm ocean and can be accented by small pebbles and sand in the landscape to enhance its natural, tropical appeal.

Customizing your pool design

One advantage of opting for a concrete inground pool is that it can be created in virtually any size and shape imaginable. Sleek geometric pools are excellent candidates for modern, resort-like landscapes, especially if they feature a raised whirlpool, waterfall, or vanishing edge. Vanishing edges are at water level and create the impression that a pool continues indefinitely. This is particularly impressive when paired with a magnificent view. Finishes like mosaic glass tile or stone also never fail to add a sophisticated flair to an inground pool.


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