May 9, 2018

Remodel Your Backyard with Raised Patios in East Commack, NY

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Wooden decks and raised patios are two different landscape features that are often used interchangeably to achieve the same effect of elevation in a landscape. However, there are many differences between them, including their costs, maintenance requirements, and design considerations. A raised patio is perfect for homeowners who want to enhance their outdoor space with a feature that can be easily implemented and maintained. Read on to find out why remodeling your backyard with a raised patio is a great idea:

Creative Design Options

Raised patios are ideal for homeowners looking to add a unique feature as part of a contemporary or traditional style landscape design; one which will ensure maximum enjoyment and gorgeous views of their property. Raised patios offer endless design options and can be built virtually anywhere in the landscape. They can also be built on multiple levels, connected by  steps. From a design perspective, raised patios can take on any shape and can include straight lines, sweeping curves, or meandering edges, depending on the homeowner’s preferences.

Because of their sturdiness and high load-bearing capacity, raised patios can support built-in seating and the heavy appliances needed for a fully functional outdoor kitchen. All of which makes raised patios perfect for introducing visual interest into the landscape and creating the perfect space for entertaining. With the trend of alfresco dining so popular among East Commack, NY, homeowners, many chose to add a wet bar, a pizza oven or fully equipped outdoor kitchen to their raised patio for a complete outdoor experience. Low walls, pillars and pergolas can work amazingly well with the overall appearance of the patio as well and will pose no problem for the solid base provided by a raised patio.

Various Choices of Material

Raised patios can be constructed from a range of masonry materials. The beauty of a raised patio is also enhanced by the surrounding elements, such as retaining walls, steps or pillars, as well as the colors, patterns, and textures that it incorporates. For an eye-catching look, consider faux or natural stone veneer, brick, stacked stone or include the unbeatable versatility of concrete pavers and wall units. Properly combining materials for your patio is vital for achieving a striking, state of the art design, as some materials have the power to highlight or balance out the appearance of surrounding elements. Each one of these materials is durable, highly weather-resistant and can be used to create a feature with an authentic appearance. The materials used for the surrounding walls and steps are equally important to consider, as these separate and connect the patio to surrounding spaces.

Lower Maintenance Costs and Requirements Than a Deck

Unlike wooden decks, a raised patio doesn’t require painting and re-sealing. Raised patios are also less susceptible to weed growth than ground level patios. Because a raised patio is a masonry feature, imbued with all of the durability of concrete or natural stone, installing a raised patio means upgrading your landscape with a nearly maintenance-free feature that will completely transform the look of your backyard. It’s safe to say that raised patios outlast wooden decks many times over and can be enjoyed in their pristine condition for years to come.


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