October 7, 2018

Remove the Clutter: 5 Tips for Minimalist Front Yard and Backyard Designs in Commack, NY

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The modern design style replaces traditional, flowering front yards with minimalist alternatives. In this style, stones are favored over flowers, and unrefined building materials are showcased rather than utilized for purely structural purposes. Read on to discover ways in which you can join the minimalist movement and revolutionize your Commack, NY, property.

Bring concrete pavers and wall units into the softscape

In modern landscape designs, these staple materials are showcased and transformed into focal features. Consider, for example, geometric planters using sleek linear concrete wall units or refined, subtly colored blocks. A lovely color contrast can be created by pairing cool gray concrete pavers or wall units with warm, vibrant greenery. Landscape lighting that highlights certain parts of these concrete features can help to ensure depth and a sense of three-dimensionality.

Refine the layout

Contemporary landscapes generally include sharp lines, distinct geometry and clear boundaries between different zones. A manicured softscape is also key. Structured shrubs and trimmed lawns contribute towards creating a chiseled-looking landscape. Sunken planters are an excellent addition to a modern, minimalist softscape. Consider including large sunken areas in well-defined shapes and having them filled with suitable plants of your choice. A central tree surrounded by manicured shrubs is one stunning way in which plants can be arranged particularly well. Give your planters a more dramatic appearance by having them fitted with discreet lighting.

An understated water feature

Water features, regardless of how simply they are designed, create an incredible soundtrack that can enhance the ambience of a landscape. The sound of rushing, or trickling, water fosters a tranquil, carefree atmosphere. Pair the many sights and sounds of running water with an understated water feature to maintain a minimalist aesthetic. Consider incorporating a rectangular concrete bath, filled with water and plants like grasses and water lilies. This will create a lively pond-planter hybrid. A sleek waterfall can be installed overhead, sending a steady stream of water into the bath.

Create multi-purpose fences

A sleek wooden fence comprised of tightly stacked horizontal panels is well-suited to a modern landscape design. However, these fences can be modified further to embrace the minimalist movement and eliminate the need for outdoor furniture. Clear out your lawn chairs have a built-in bench constructed to protrude from your wooden fence instead. The bench may be adorned with accent pillows to optimise your comfort and add a pop of color to the design. The fence may also be altered to bear small square planters. Deep brown varieties of wood will pair stunningly with any greenery you choose to nestle into these planters. The same can also be achieved with concrete wall units and masonry walls.

Create a terraced softscape

Slopes can get messy, especially when they are covered by a haphazard array of shrubs and plants. Opt for a minimalist approach by converting your slopes into level surfaces. Retaining walls can be used to contain the soil within your terraced slope and are also excellent candidates for contemporary landscape designs. Have your level planters filled with sand or stones and succulents for a stunning, simplistic look. Minimalist landscape designs often incorporate xeriscaping because it tends to look uncluttered and well-organized.


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