April 21, 2017

Rock and Water Features for Gorgeous Backyard Designs

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Rock and water features can add design innovation, rugged texture, as well as a soothing atmosphere to your outdoor setting in Bethpage, NY. Let’s discover how they can transform your landscape.

Balance a Boulder

A boulder is more than just a hunk of rock. If properly utilized, rock arrangements or boulders can add character and a natural element to your home. A rock garden can be used as a focal point for your yard and an attractive embellishment to a zen or Eastern design theme. Single boulders can also be placed at the corners of your yard to signify boundaries, or fill in spaces in plant beds. Smaller boulders can also be combined with water features to create authentic looking streams, ponds and waterfall features.

Rocks, stones, and boulders can work together to create some fantastic rock garden arrangements, but consider spacing them out to allow plants to grow in between. Whether you subscribe to the traditional rules governing Japanese zen gardens, take a more relaxed approach with natural rock outcroppings, or abide by your own sense of straight lines and symmetry, rock arrangements are a versatile aesthetic tool.

Splashing Feathers

Delight in the presence of some feathered friends by attracting them with a bird bath. A variety of different species will flock to the bird bath, using it to splash water over themselves with their wings. These baths can be freestanding or hang from branches. They can even be carved out of a boulder. However, if you or your neighbors have a cat, it’s advised to keep the bath elevated to avoid any casualties.

There are many varieties and designs to consider. Positioning is also important for achieving the best possible effect. Seek advice to install a bird bath that is both functional and beautiful, while corresponding nicely with the design of your home.

Flowing Water

For those even more ambitious, a fountain can be considered for a dramatic and beautiful effect and can draw in more birds than a birdbath. Let a spectacular fountain be the first thing people see and hear when they visit your backyard.

After a long day having a fountain to come home to is ideal. The sound of flowing water is relaxing while also creating a romantic atmosphere. Sit outside and read a book, drink wine, or whatever else helps you unwind to the sound of gently trickling water.

Fountains come in many sizes and designs to suit any landscape. They can be placed in the yard or on the patio. Consult a professional to get specific advice for choosing the correct fountain for your home.

Streams and Ponds

Is a single standalone water feature not enough? Take it to the next level by creating a water theme for your entire backyard. Streams and ponds can complement a fountain or waterfall feature, or stand on their own as a central feature to your backyard. Imagine relaxing by a pond while a stream meanders through your backyard oasis.


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