July 19, 2019

Safety Benefits of Landscape Lighting for Huntington Station, NY, Homes

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Safety for your Huntington Station, NY, home is a big priority, and landscape lighting can play an important role in helping you to feel safe in your home at all hours. If you are considering adding more landscape lighting to your home, there are many safety benefits.

Evaluate Your Landscape After Dark

When you arrive home after dark, note the areas that you wish to be lighted. Stand outside after the sun has set and check to see if there are landscape spaces that you want to be illuminated to increase the safety of your yard. Knowing where the dark spots are and what you want to be better lighted can help when discussing your needs with a landscape professional.

Lighting for Steps

Walking up the steps at night is a common falling hazard, especially for older people. Step lighting does not need to be overwhelming or too bright to increase the safety for you and your visitors. Low level ambient lights, which can be mounted underneath steps or on each side, can add enough light to see the steps clearly while adding a nice warm tone to your landscape.


Lighting for the Entryway

Many times when a home is built, the entryway lighting is standard but not truly sufficient for you to see well after dark. If you have ever been to someone’s home for an evening activity and noticed how easy it was to see the entryway and to navigate the path there, you can also have this increased safety and accessibility for your own entryway. One outdoor sconce is not enough light to draw visitors to your front door, so consider installing sconces on either side of the door and a hanging light fixture to make it easy to find the entrance. This type of lighting also increases the nighttime curb appeal of your home and says to your guests, “Come on in!”

Lights for Around Your Home

One of the main ways that intruders are discouraged from entering a home is by a well-lit exterior and a dog. If you don’t want to get the dog, you can have spotlights added to the exterior of your home to illuminate after dark. These lights don’t have to be garish or noticeable, but can be strategically placed to maximize the lighting without an obvious fixture. Placing the exterior lights on an automatic timer or controlling them from your smartphone allows you to monitor when you want them lit.

Outdoor security lighting can also improve the value of your home since this is an attractive feature to many buyers. And you may find that your insurance company will offer you a better rate because you have invested in having a house that is well-lit after dark.


Lights for Outdoor Activities After Dark

Outdoor lighting not only increases the safety of your home and property, but also allows you to enjoy activities later into the evening. When you have extra lighting around your patio and in the backyard, friends can stay to chat and enjoy a drink on a nice night. If you have a fire pit, there is nothing more relaxing than gathering around the fire as you watch the kids play or visit with guests.


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