August 29, 2018

Selecting the Right Color for Your Interior Masonry Fireplace in East Northport, NY

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If there is one interior element whose colors can dictate the overall scheme of the living room, it’s your fireplace. The interior fireplace color scheme unifies the style of your East Northport, NY, from its hues and undertones. Unlike brick, stone fireplaces may not look good if painted, so the initial stone choice and color require careful consideration. The expert team of Above All Masonry Design will take care of your interior masonry needs, with a custom-built fireplace, from an idea to a beautifully executed plan.

Stick to One Color

If you want to play it safe, go with a one-color option for your fireplace and fireplace mantel. Choosing only white, gray, or a more vibrant color takes off the pressure for the surrounding fireplace decor. If a one-color option seems plain, we suggest adding a striking or neutral color on the wall above the fireplace or some wooden details in its surrounding area. For example, an all-white limestone or marble fireplace with a white mantel will look great with a mint colored wall. A greenish shade of gray fireplace and mantel work with beige walls and wooden features, as details that add contrast to the room. Dramatic, dark colors can add depth to a room that gets a lot of natural light.

Warm Colors with Stone

With its remarkable uniqueness, natural stone offers a natural, broad palette of warm browns and tans. Warm grays relate to yellow beige walls, but the fireplace colors need to be repeated in the living room area for this combo to work. If you are aiming for a “cabin in the woods” look of the room, it is best to choose a light, neutral color of the natural stone. It gives more options for the surrounding color scheme. For example, white walls work with a stone fireplace that has warm green undertones and caramel tones. Other things like a wooden, distressed ceiling, light or dark wood floors and furniture also relate to the overall look of the indoor fireplace. Switch from earthy tones to cooler gray and bluestone for a more neutral fireplace color scheme.

Countless Shades of Brick

One option is to paint the fireplace in crisp white to give the room a contemporary look. The best contrast against a white brick fireplace could be a dark wood mantel or beautiful wood floors that also add a rustic touch. To bring in a subtle splash of color, add a mint mantel and matching shelves. Freshen up the living room with a creamy indoor brick fireplace or bring attention to the focal point with a charcoal gray. From green and blue to traditional brick red, an indoor brick fireplace can be easily adjusted to suit your living room color needs.

Gray, Black, or White?

A rich, gray limestone fireplace gives a sense of sophistication and an excellent contrast against the warm fireplace flames. Gray hues balance out white walls. Extend the gray tones on the wall above the fireplace and add a comfortable seating area in lighter gray and butter-yellow cushions. An all-white limestone or marble fireplace gives the room a charming, timeworn look. White opens up the living room area and is perfect for a combination of warm tans, like a nice wooden coffee table or a leather sofa. Colorful paintings, flowers, and other accessories make the area especially cozy. Regardless of the color schemes of your living room area, a black and white palette of the focal point and its surroundings balance out the overall look to make a glamorous statement.


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