December 26, 2019

Site Conditions That Are Important to Landscape Architecture and Installation in Glen Cove, NY

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It’s well known that if a building sits on a weak foundation, there’s a risk of crumbling and collapse. The same concept holds true to the structures and features that are installed during a landscape remodeling project. Their integrity depends on a strong foundation and proper conditions. There are site conditions that are essential to landscape architecture and installation in Glen Cove, NY.

Take Inventory 

Before the installation of a paver patio or an outdoor fireplace for your new outdoor living space, a site inventory may take place. This step can involve a walkthrough of the terrain to explore the state of the grounds and what will need to be uprooted to make way for the features in your landscape design.

Desired Use

Every homeowner is unique and so, therefore, must be the landscape. Where one person wants a multipurpose game court, another wants a lap pool, and this functionality of the landscape has to drive the choice and placement of features like an extended patio, which must be large enough to host 50 people comfortably while also providing a shady spot for the homeowner to relax in the afternoon.

Desired use can also factor in the functionality that is hoped for by the homeowner. For instance, for outdoor cooking, do you love to cook and therefore want an elaborate outdoor kitchen? Or would a grill station be more appropriate?

Sun and Shade

The location of any new plants or shrubs will also be considered well ahead of time. A specific understanding of the sun and shade patterns can help to determine the types of plants that would thrive in certain areas of the property while analyzing the soil can also be helpful when making planting choices. Microclimates are spaces in the landscape where the climate can be quite different from another space not too far away. For example, a very shady space that almost never receives sun would need very different plants than one that is in the sun for 8-10 hours in the day.

Sun and shade are also important when identifying the ideal places to build landscape features such as pergolas, fire pits, outdoor living rooms, and swimming pools.


Stormwater run-off that is not following the best route must be corrected to halt any potential damage to the home and any other structure to be built. This can be done through a retaining wall that has built in drainage to divert the water to a better location. Another way landscape professionals can handle the drainage issues is to plan a natural block to the water such as trees or a water garden filled with plants that love moist conditions.

Ultimately, a thorough understanding of site conditions can help landscape professionals make the right design decisions. Site engineering is not an exact science and unexpected problems can and do crop up, but having the detailed information about a particular property can make those problems less likely.

Choosing the landscape design and masonry experts you need for your Glen Cove, NY, landscape project can be challenging. When you find a 100% guarantee of satisfaction, expert craftsmanship, and a dedication to customer service in a landscape and masonry service, you can rest assured that you have found the right craftsmen to bring your vision to life.


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