October 14, 2018

Spruce Up Your Bethpage, NY, Landscape Architecture with a Backyard Pond

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Bring peace and calm to your Bethpage, NY, property with the addition of a backyard pond, a unique feature that will transform your landscape architecture. Ponds bring more nature into your landscape while also creating a park-like setting that you can enjoy every day. These ideas will inspire your next landscape architecture project:

Small Pond with Waterfall

Locating a small pond in a landscaped bed near a deck or outdoor dining area can add the Zen sounds of trickling water while you eat or simply spend time outside. Adding some colorful goldfish can increase your pleasure since you can feed them and have fun watching them swim around to catch the fish food.

The relaxed appearance of Brussels Block stone from Unilock, with its tumbled finish, would be a smart paving stone choice for creating a classic look for your new small pond. Available in multiple natural colors, the stacked Brussels Block paving stones would fit seamlessly into any landscape.

Raised Pond

If you love the look of raised flower beds, a raised pond could be just for you. Similar to how a raised flower bed adds height and color to your backyard landscape, a raised pond accomplishes a same effect. A square shaped pond with a center waterfall adjoining matching raised flower beds can be a unique focal point of your backyard.

Using Rivercrest Wall paving stones (also from Unilock) would give your raised pond character from their classic stacked-stone appearance while creating a real showstopper for your outdoor space. Rivercrest Wall stones blend well with contemporary or traditional landscape architecture.

Shallow Modern Reflecting Pond

A reflecting pond recessed in a patio or yard and edged with pale Ledgestone concrete paving stones from Unilock can be just the right amount of modern. With a dark bottom and minimal depth, such a contemporary pond surrounded by reclining couches would give an urban feel to a backyard pond. A simple but powerful way to add a water feature to your backyard, a shallow reflecting pond with symmetrical plantings could be the calm you need.

Tiered Waterfall Pond

Water cascading from multiple tiers of stacked RomanWall rock paving stones (from Unilock) into a pond can bring a dramatic beauty to your backyard patio area. With nooks for adding native plants and colorful creeping florals, a waterfall pond will make a powerful statement. This would be the consummate addition to a backyard that has a slope. With illuminated steps leading from one part of the patio to another, a RomanWall waterfall pond that flows from the top of the yard to the lower part could add space for entertaining with style.

Pond Against a Wall

Placing a pond against a reflective wall can make even a small pond seem much larger than it actually is. Large stone Senzo pavers from Unilock would work well with a present-day aesthetic of a pond nestled by a reflective wall. Clear glass panels or translucent colored glass panels that contrast with the darkness of the Senzo paving stone would make for an arresting backyard pond.


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