November 21, 2019

Styling Patios with Fantastic Views in Massapequa, NY

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When you love nothing more than the prospect of sipping your morning coffee on your new Massapequa, NY, patio, being able to enjoy the view completes the moment. Styling patios so that the view is maximized can be done in multiple ways. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Multiple Sitting Areas

Having more than one comfortable sitting area means that everyone you’ve invited over can enjoy the view from your patio. Wide, deep couches and chairs make for comfort when chatting late into the evening with friends and for relaxing with hot coffee in the morning, all while gazing at the amazing scenery. Make sure to have extra cozy blankets nearby to cover chilly legs and for wrapping in when the night falls.

Drink Station

When you are with the people you love and enjoy, not having to get up for more drinks can be just what you need. Adding a drink station that can house everything from cooled white wine to hot coffee with delicious creamer can make the visits more enjoyable. Be sure to include room for plenty of cups, napkins, and other supplies.

Add Elevation

Remember that you don’t have to limit the beautiful views only to your patio. Consider adding an elevated deck or another level to your patio to allow for alfresco dining at any meal. The view looks different from various angles and vantage points, so take advantage of all of the views by elevating a section for 360-degree observation.

Add Shade

When your patio with the awesome views is where you like to spend the majority of your time, the weather can introduce an interruption to your outdoor plans. Having a shade cover over your patio can allow for enjoying this outdoor spot even when the sun isn’t shining or the rain is falling.

Incorporate a Fire and Water Element

Fire and water just seem to go together, so if you can, add both into your patio area. A water feature can be something as simple as a bubbling fountain or a water wall with backlighting for nighttime drama. With the sounds of water splashing nearby combined with a pretty view, you can release all of the stress of the day.

A fire feature can bring warmth and ambiance to an already special spot. Sitting on your patio can be greatly enhanced with a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. Imagine the benefits of adding a crackling, warm fire to your haven. Built of stone that complements your architecture and patio materials, a fire pit or fireplace might be the crowning jewel of your new patio space.

How Your Masonry and Landscape Design Service Can Help

Your masonry and landscape design service can design a custom patio to maximize the amazing views from your Massapequa, NY, home. They know that this space is likely to become the favorite spot for your entire family and can suggest the ideal size and features to give you the patio you want with the cozy feel you crave.

They will settle for no less than quality craftsmanship and a dedication to perfection for your new patio. Their team can assist you with the selection of materials as you collaborate to produce the patio that you envision for your unique property.

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