March 6, 2018

Stylish Outdoor Seating Ideas for Your East Northport Patio

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Whether your patio is small or spacious, having comfortable seating and adequate space to sit back and relax is absolutely essential. Regardless of your taste and budget, there is an outdoor seating option out there that will suit your East Northport, NY, landscape perfectly. Whether you’re looking to create a quiet spot in which to enjoy a solitary sundowner, or you’re more interested in a large outdoor lounge that will accommodate the whole family, Above All Masonry and Design will be able to customize your outdoor seating to suit your needs. Here are a few ways to revolutionize your outdoor seating:

Covered seating areas

Not only does a covered seating area shield you from the summer sun, it also creates a cozier, more intimate atmosphere. Consider having a sleek wooden bench installed, fitted with an overhead pergola. Light fabric can be stretched or draped across the top of the pergola for a bohemian or island-like aesthetic. Patterned shade cloths can be paired with rugs and accent pillows in gem-tones for stunning outdoor decor. Bohemian designs like these look incredible when accented with pops of gold and dark red or blue.

Seating that doubles as storage

If space is in short supply, your patio could use dual-purpose seating that doubles as storage space. Hollowed benches can be used to store outdoor toys, delicate accent pillows and other decorative items, such as candles, that are brought out on special occasions.

Permanent seating made from stone, wood and concrete

Imagine a rustic stone bench beneath a canopy of large evergreens, beside a water feature or low fire pit. This can serve as a lovely, isolated spot, perfect for solitary reading or intimate conversation. Large, irregular stones arranged in an unpredictable design can further the structure’s rustic look and feel. Colorful accent pillows with pleasing textures can make the bench more comfortable and inviting.

Alternatively, you could exploit a corner of your patio for the construction of a sleek, L-shaped wooden bench. Its wooden frame can be accentuated by nestling plants around the back and sides of the bench. This can also make the area feel more private and cozy. Concrete wall units are available in a near-endless variety of shapes, sizes and colors, and can also be used to construct interesting benches that turn heads. When constructing permanent outdoor seating, Above All Masonry and Design will ensure that your seats are deep enough, as many built-in benches are too narrow to allow for optimal comfort.

Hanging chairs

There are many types of seating options that hang from trees or overhead beams, such as hammocks, swing seats and cocoon seats. Even if your landscape isn’t graced with the presence of a large tree, you can obtain hanging chairs that are fitted to their own sturdy stands. Hanging chairs can be found in a wide range of styles, and can be made from an equally vast range of materials, such as wood, metal, plastic and fabric. These chairs are comfy and casual, and can contribute towards a bohemian aesthetic. Consider adorning them with comfortable patterned cushions to enhance their eccentric appearance. Clear bubble chairs, on the other hand, have a modern look and can be incorporated into contemporary hardscape designs.


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