June 14, 2017

Summertime Preparations for NY Patios

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Nothing could be better than spending a hot summer evening relaxing on your Smithtown, NY patio with some delicious food and refreshing drinks. Before summer arrives, however, it is time to have your patio prepared so you can get out and enjoy the fresh air, sunlight and warm evenings. There are plenty of preparation options to be tried, from planter boxes with mini gardens to delightful patio bars. Here are some fun decorating and design ideas to help create a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor living space for the summer.

Patio Set

A patio set is a good arrangement to have in place, whether it’s a small bistro table for two or a larger dining set for more guests. Consider the spacing and how many people you typically invite. Your lifestyle plays a role in what kind of set works best for you. If space is limited, or if you’re looking for a way to reduce clutter on your patio, permanent seating is ideal. Remember to match your patio furniture to best highlight the materials used in your hardscape, or match to other permanent features in your landscape.

Patio Lounging Area

For after dinner lounging, or for relaxing after work with a beverage or snack, a patio lounging area with comfortable outdoor sofas and cushions is ideal. The type of material used is a key consideration for outdoor cushions. Natural fiber like jute or rattan is more durable against outdoor elements. Woven polyester is also water resistant and suitable.

For the height of luxury, consider a full living room set up for the outdoors. You may even wish to include an outdoor fireplace in the design. A central fire pit can also be included as an alternative.

Patio Comfort with Pillows and Throws

You don’t have to have a fully kitted out outdoor lounge in order to enjoy comfort outdoors. Have some playful pillows or scatter cushions on hand to add to your permanent seating and spread some warming throws around. Pillows and throws add comfort and coziness to patios and can also be used to add pops of color and pattern.

Set the Mood with Lights

Have the night illuminated with hanging lights to set the mood and add incredible charm to your patio space. The lights can be customized with an in-trend industrial style or with an old fashioned vintage look. Also, lanterns can be placed on tables and around on the floor. Remember to include outdoor lighting to your landscape design to allow you to enjoy the surroundings while entertaining on your patio at night.

Pretty Up the Adjacent Landscape

Your landscape and patio work together to provide an enjoyable outdoor living space. To enjoy the summer days on your patio, get the landscape adjacent to the patio prettied up with some new summertime plantings. Overgrown branches should also be trimmed from trees or bushes that intrude upon the patio space.

Add Cooling Systems

Different kinds of cooling systems can be employed to keep your patio cool on a hot day. A simple shade cloth, for example, can significantly reduce heat and keep away the afternoon glare. Outdoor fans or air conditioners can also be considered if necessary.


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