February 27, 2018

Swimming Pool Designs for Small Backyards in Massapequa

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If you think that the fun and tranquility offered by a private pool is reserved for homes with wide open spaces, think again! The following ideas can be used to create a serene pool area regardless of how small your Massapequa, NY, backyard may be.

A small infinity pool

If your backyard is situated on a slope, or hillside, you can count yourself lucky! There are plenty of ways to leverage this topography, including the construction of an infinity pool. An infinity pool simply has one wall at water-level, creating the impression that the pool is far larger than it truly is, sometimes extending out as far as the horizon. This side of the pool is situated on the end that looks out at the view, and its effect can work wonders in a small backyard. Its proper execution will require professional guidance, however, so speak to your Above All Masonry contractor about building a small infinity pool.

A plunge pool

A plunge pool is small, deep, and designed for soaking or cooling off. Not only is it convenient for homeowners that don’t have kids or who aren’t big on swimming, it can also be nestled into a small space. While it can’t facilitate swimming laps or playing water polo, it will prove to be wonderfully refreshing on a hot summer’s day and can add another dimension to your outdoor entertainment. Plunge pools also require less labor and materials than full-sized pools, making them more cost-effective. Heating and maintaining the water in them is also easier and less expensive.

A pool that doubles as a spa

If you’ve got enough space to install a plunge pool, you could easily transform it into a personal spa! Built-in seats and jets are just two of the many features that can be fitted into the pool, while heated water will warm your fall evenings and bring you outdoors. It’s a multi-functional feature that remains enticing day and night, and from summer to fall.

A lap pool

If you only have a narrow strip of land available on your property, you could consider building a lap pool. This type of pool is even a good option for homeowners that aren’t interested in swimming laps, as it still offers space to cool off and enjoy the water. The striking geometry of lap pools also tends to pair excellently with contemporary homes and hardscapes.

A free-form pool

Does your backyard have plentiful space, but it’s awkwardly shaped? Perhaps it is scattered with hardscaped areas and plants that serve as focal features. This may create the impression that your backyard is far too small to accommodate a pool. However, if you shape your pool to wind around the other features in your landscape, you will find that it can be quite large. Concrete, or gunite, pools are the best candidates for creating spontaneous curves in the structure of a pool, which can also serve to make the space look and feel more serene and natural.


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