July 15, 2018

Take Your Interior Masonry Project to the Next Level with Pillars and Columns in Huntington Station, NY

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Pillars and columns are supportive and functional features of the home, carrying the weight of walls and ceilings—but they can also be used for aesthetic appeal. Your local interior masonry professional can help you turn the pillars or columns of your Huntington Station, NY, home into pieces of art.

Prominent Pillars

Some homeowners fail to see the full potential of the columns and pillars that are prominent in their home. But they could be used to add a dramatic, extravagant, cozy, or rustic touch that complements your property’s overall look and style. In some instances, design changes to an existing pillar or column or a new addition could add charm to your living space or make the pillar a focal point of an otherwise drab area.

Choice Materials

Columns can be made of different materials including natural stone, brick, and concrete. The material used determines the effect you can achieve—whether you’re hoping for more drama, or a posh, modern, traditional, or cozy style. Consult with your contractor to determine the style of your home and to choose materials, colors, and textures that would be the best fit.

Personalized Style

Don’t think that your columns need to look exactly as those you see in a magazine or catalog. Sure, they can be inspired by those designs, but why stop there? Instead, let the creativity flow, and come up with a personalized design with the help of your contractor. Experienced professionals can help you determine what’s possible for your particular home. Some adjustments may need to be made to achieve the look you want or your contractor could introduce you to alternative designs that would be relevant to your vision.


The functionality of pillars and columns can go beyond their supportive nature. For example, you can use them to display books and decorative items. Another option is to turn the a base of a wide column into a holder for a TV—making your entertainment space truly modern. You could also see about carving out a storage nook right into an existing column, to create an appealing and practical new look.

Faux Columns

Decorative columns eschew any practical purpose purely for their good looks. Take your interior design up a notch by having a pair of decorative columns added to a prominent spot in your home. A contemporary set in your backdoor area could add a unique touch to your home.

Safety First

It’s best to leave the installation and movement of any columns or pillars to interior masonry professionals. They will take into account your overall home and its structural requirements before making any significant changes.


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