May 14, 2020

The Importance of Covering Your Patios in Glen Cove, NY

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If you have ever planned to host an event on your Glen Cove, NY, patio only to have it ruined by the weather, then you know the importance of covering your patio. Any of these options for a patio covering could allow the use of this outdoor space even when the weather doesn’t cooperate.


Complete Shade by the House

When you want to have a complete cover over the patio to ensure that you can use this space even when the rain is falling, there are several ways to accomplish this. You could tie a roof into your existing house roof when your patio is beside the back door, making access to the outdoor space convenient and easy.

You might choose to add a rustic patio cover with open beams and timber framed edges. Cover the top with matching shingles, metal roofing, or copper roofing panels. You can design this covering in the gable style with the roof that forms an upside down “V” or you might prefer something that is gently sloping to allow the rain a clear  run-off path.

This space that inhabits the back of your home and yard does not have to match your home’s architecture—you can choose a completely different, but complementary, style or you could continue in the same aesthetic, using unique lighting features to make it special.

Free-Standing Patio Covering

When you want to expand your patio or install a completely new one, consider covering this area with a pergola for partial sunlight. While it is customary for a patio to be adjoined to the house, there are beautiful free-standing patios that can feel like a personal retreat or destination.

Choosing a pergola covering, which is a structure of hefty wooden posts that are covered with wood beams, can allow for some versatility in the design. Wood posts are gorgeous when anchored by rock bases, giving the edges of the pergola a weighty feel. A pergola can have vines and climbing flowers that eventually grow to cover the top, bringing dappled sunlight to the space beneath.

Free-Standing Screened Patio

If you want to go further with your covered patio, a free-standing patio with a low rock retaining wall surrounding the perimeter can form the basis for a patio room within your landscape. Think of it like a screened porch, only free-standing. With the screening keeping the bugs at bay, the roof keeping you dry, and the unique stones forming a durable base, the free-standing screened patio could be the covered patio that you never knew you needed but anticipate the relaxing atmosphere at the end of every day.

A talented stone masonry and landscape design service has the team to help you choose the exact patio cover that will highlight the best part of your landscape while keeping you dry no matter the season. Their knowledgeable staff can assist with the rock selection, the overall design and how you want your patio covering to look and streamline the aesthetic to blend with the other landscape elements in place.

The take pride in expert craftsmanship, a dedication to perfection, and personalized customer service with 100% guaranteed satisfaction so you don’t have to worry that your Glen Cove, NY, patio covering won’t stand the test of time. The only worry you will have is how quickly you can get outside to enjoy your new space.



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