July 10, 2017

The Perks of a Summertime Outdoor Fireplace

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When considering additions to your landscape, the functionality of the feature should be as important as the aesthetics. If you’re considering the construction of an outdoor fireplace this summer, the benefits, both practical and in terms of looks, are many. Furthermore, you can customize the structure to complement your home and existing outdoor spaces because of the abundance of materials available for use. This summer, as you prepare to make the most of the beautiful weather and your outdoor space, consider adding an outdoor fireplace to your Plainview, NY, home with the assistance of a landscape design professional. Here are some of the great perks that installing an outdoor fireplace has to offer:

Provide a Unique Focal Point for your Landscape

Adding a focal point to your landscape is an essential element of landscape design. Focal points draw the eye and provide focus for the space. Maintaining balance and symmetry are also critical. As you determine the elements to include in your landscape, a professional can help ensure that your new addition complements your existing hardscape design and provides a dazzling focal point for your patio.

Great for Entertaining

An outdoor fireplace is perfect for adding sophistication to your next backyard get-together. Captivating flames and a crackling fire will draw your guests together in comfortable conversation. Make setting the scene a priority with an outdoor fireplace addition and by integrating permanent seating or outdoor sofas as part of the design.

Supply Warmth on Cool Nights

For nighttime enjoyment of your patio, a fire during the summer is often perfectly appropriate. The air can be cool, so for swimming parties or particularly chilly nights, the outdoor fireplace can provide welcome comfort to your guests. As the summer dwindles, you’ll also be able to extend your summertime use of your outdoor space by choosing to include an outdoor fireplace in your hardscape design.

Add a Sense of Romance

There’s nothing like a log fire to inspire an air of romance. An outdoor fireplace provides the perfect feature to complete a romantic evening with your loved one; enjoy some wine and cuddling before a roaring fire, while star-gazing beneath the open sky.

Increase Home Value

Increasing the value of your property is always a consideration when you make any changes to the home or landscape. Adding an outdoor fireplace to your landscape is an effective way to get a positive return on your investment in terms of your home’s value and your quality of life. In order to maximize this benefit, be sure to employ a professional landscape designer for your outdoor fireplace design and construction.

Banish Mosquitos

Finally, and significantly for many, summer months are often fun, but as the sun goes down, mosquitos begin their nightly feast. An outdoor fireplace will keep your friends and family from becoming menu items for these insects. Keeping your outdoor fireplace burning while enjoying your yard during the evening and night hours is both a convenience and a practical solution to a serious problem. Add plants such as Citronella or Lemon Thyme to the flames to keep the pests at bay.


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