April 27, 2016

Three Must-Haves for Your LI Outdoor Kitchen

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An outdoor kitchen fit with all the amenities is a one-way ticket to unlimited social gatherings in almost any kind of weather. Here are the latest must-haves for your Long Island, NY outdoor kitchen. Spoiler alert: grills and smokers didn’t make this list because they are the essentials before these!

Wood Burning Pizza Oven

Forget the grill. The new centerpiece of the modern outdoor kitchen is a towering wood burning pizza oven. With an exterior oven crafted of stacked stone, the oven and chimney creates an exciting atmosphere in the outdoor kitchen area. Have you ever dreamed of tossing your own pizza dough in the air and sliding it into a piping hot oven? With your own pizza oven in the backyard, you’ll be able to create and enjoy fresh, gourmet pizza whenever you please (for kids and adults)!


An outdoor kitchen space should feel like an oasis. By surrounding the outdoor kitchen with plants that provide height and dimension, the grill space will begin to resemble any definition of paradise. Consider a nearby wall of trees or shrubs to create definition. Topiaries can be a great way to add a modern touch. For a more casual look, potted and shaped plants on countertops or situated on the ground can help create an outdoor room look and feel.

To inspire and complement delicious cooking, add edibles and scents. Herbs like cilantro, parsley, and thyme are a great starter edible. For scents, lavender (or salvia) is the perfect go-to. Add this one to walkways leading up to the outdoor kitchen!

Outdoor Bar

One of the best parts of enjoying your own backyard is opening the perfect bottle of wine to sip outside. For easy access to your favorite wines, beers, and other alcohol beverages kept at the perfect temperature, incorporate a wine cooler, fridge, and ice-maker in your outdoor kitchen area. For the fridge, you’ll want enough space to store beverages and complementing mix-ins like fruits and mint. If you love cocktails, consider helpful appliances like blenders. And of course, make sure you have plenty of sitting room for family and friends to comfortably relax while the drinks are being made!



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