November 14, 2016

Timeless Patios for your Long Island Home

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Some designs are so good, they never go out of style. Here are some all time favorite Massapequa, NY patio layouts that you can trust to be fashionable year after year.

Poolside Patio with Pergola

A summertime favorite, the poolside patio is the perfect spot to supervise your child’s pool party or relax with your feet in the water on a warm summer evening. The addition of a pergola provides the practicality of shade, as well as a structure to support additional shade protection such as outdoor curtains or shade cloth. Whether your gatherings include dips in the pool or not, the proximity of a poolside patio to the water makes for a serene day or night environment with the added ambiance of rippling poolside lighting.

Cozy Fireplace Patio

During the colder months, something different may be in order. How about a shielded fireplace patio, furnished with comfortable outdoor sofas where you can enjoy the warmth of a fire? Covered patios are best for preventing the dissipation of heat and keeping your winter patio snug and warm while maintaining its outdoor charm. On the other hand, an open patio provides a more expansive space during the summer. An outdoor fireplace and patio can be accessible to your home or be tucked away in your yard, carved into a hillside with the use of retaining walls or even out in the open surrounded by the beauty of your landscape. Wherever you choose to place your cozy outdoor fireplace patio, the beauty of this design is that it is one you can enjoy all year round.

Open Fire Pit Patio with Permanent Seating

The fire pit takes central position in this open setting around which permanent seating is arranged for convenience. The beauty of a fire pit patio is that it leaves so much room for personal preference in style, geometry and materials. Whether your fire pit patio echoes the primitive form of a campfire with natural stone structures and carved rock seating, or takes a more modern form of squared edges and corresponding black granite benches, the essence of the fire pit patio remains timeless.

Patio Deck Combination

Stone or concrete patios have the advantage of being durable and requiring very little maintenance, while decking is versatile and can extend across multiple levels. With a patio/deck combination, a contrast is created between the character of the two materials resulting in a stunning overall effect and a more functional area. Patio/deck combinations are a good choice for creating visual interest in small yards, adding extra space to a patio where the landscape prevents the laying of hardscape or simply to take advantage of the aesthetic.

All in One Outdoor Kitchen, Dining and Lounge Area

Get the best of all worlds with a full outdoor living plan. A plain, sprawling patio can easily be divided up into functional outdoor rooms, each with new life and a character of their own. A full outdoor living space provides a gathering spot for the whole family where meals can be both prepared and enjoyed, where guests can be entertained and where the outdoors once again become central to family life.


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