February 29, 2020

Tips for Achieving a Multi-Level Backyard With Landscape Architecture on Long Island, NY

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Whether you have a sloping Long Island, NY, yard or a relatively flat space, adding levels to your outdoor space can make it more functional and more beautiful. Consider these tips for achieving a multi-level backyard with landscape architecture.

Garden Beds

If you would love to have a garden but don’t want to have portions of your backyard tilled up to make a useable space, then consider raised garden beds. They can be placed in an unused corner of your landscape to adjacent to your patio for ease of watering and tending.

You can grow gorgeous cutting flowers, delicious and healthy vegetables, and fresh herbs for cooking your favorite meals. Because they are raised, you won’t have to stoop low to the ground or crouch on your knees to pull the few weeds or harvest your bounty.

Add low-level outdoor lights to the raised beds, and when you look out on your backyard after dark, you can still see the beauty of the plants in the ambient light. Talented landscape specialists can also install an automated watering system so that you don’t have to drag the hose around to water what you have planted.

Multi-level Patio

A multi-level patio can house both your favorite outdoor dining table and chairs, as well as comfortable furniture for relaxing at the end of a long week. Because it is planned as levels, the patio can start right outside of your exterior door to extend the living space farther into the landscape.

The levels can create a sense of separation and intimacy for each space to give you more options for activities and outdoor enjoyment in your landscape. Composed of durable, beautiful landscape pavers, your patio will erase any worries you may have about extensive care or cleaning of your patio as they can withstand the freeze/thaw cycle and only need to be hosed off to clean away any occasional mess.

Retaining Walls

While retaining walls are traditionally known as a spectacular solution to a steep slope that brings mud and water to your door, causing erosion in multiple places of the landscape, they can also be a great way to add useful interest to your backyard. A multi-level retaining wall can allow you to designate a use for each level, from blooming draping vines and flowers on the first level to an outdoor sandbox and play area for your children on the upper level.

Situating a patio at the base can bring untold hours of relaxation and pleasure spending time outdoors in your backyard admiring how pretty your landscape has become.

A multi-level design for your backyard can elevate that space from something that you occasionally use to your favorite spot on earth. Your landscape contractor can suggest the ideal stone masonry elements complemented by carefully selected plants and trees to bring out the best in your outdoor space.

Attention to the smallest details and dedication to perfection can bring about a landscape architecture project that will transform your Long Island, NY, backyard into a paradise surrounded by gorgeous plantings and visual interest. The goal is to develop a backyard that you will love for many years.


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