February 5, 2020

Tips for Matching Your Outdoor Kitchen to the Rest of Your Patio in East Northport, NY

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If you have a patio that you love as part of your East Northport, NY, home but you have been contemplating building an outdoor kitchen, there are many ways that landscape professionals can blend the two together to create a cohesive space. Here are some tips for making the two outdoor living areas feel like one.

Outdoor Kitchen Benefits

Should you need any convincing, know that an outdoor kitchen can quickly become your favorite place to cook and eat. It can be an amazing landscape feature for entertaining a few close friends or a large group if everyone has the space to move around, relax on the furniture, and enjoy a favorite drink. Whether grilling is your specialty or you love to make a more elaborate meal, you can do it all with an outdoor kitchen.

Since the mess stays outside, you don’t have to worry about lingering smells in your main indoor kitchen. Cleanup is easy since everything can be cleaned in the outdoor sink or thrown away. As for value, an outdoor kitchen could potentially be the tipping point for a home sale.

Blending a Patio and Kitchen

Patio pavers: Pavers come in a wide array of colors, textures, and shapes, so you can find multiple options for tying both spaces together. You could echo the colors of your home’s exterior in the color choices for the flooring, countertops, and bar areas.

Consider whether you prefer sleek geometric pavers to complement your exterior space or if you want to focus on the colors in particular and keep to a simple palette. If your home has a cottage look, you can incorporate some different and whimsical patterns within your new hardscape features to make your kitchen have a cottage feel, too. You may feel that classic brick looks wonderful in any outdoor kitchen.

Layout: The layout of your outdoor kitchen can be key to how well it fits with the rest of the landscape and how easy it is to use for cooking. Your landscape professionals can present several layouts for you to choose what you think will work best for your space before any dirt is moved. Because you will be able to “see” the kitchen in your landscape, along with the patio and surrounding areas, it can make the decision of placement much more comfortable for you.

Outdoor lighting: Another excellent way to unify both spaces is through landscape lighting and fixtures. When you choose the same or similar fixtures to install in both outdoor spaces, the entire area can feel complete and well-planned. Lighting can allow you to use your outdoor kitchen for long into the evening, and with expanded lighting for your patio, you can enjoy being outside after a long day of work. Instead of crashing in front of the television, you can make your way outdoors to decompress under the stars.

Landscape experts can put the focus on a complete design for your East Northport, NY, patio and outdoor kitchen, effectively blending the two with personalized material selection and two generations of masonry expertise. Finding the company that values a collaborative approach to your ideas can mean that from the initial design to the final installation, your dream will be at the center.


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