August 17, 2018

Top 3 Landscape Architecture Ideas for Outdoor Fitness and Activities in Commack, NY

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When you want to keep fit and take part in multiple activities without stepping foot off your Commack, NY, property, you simply need a thoughtful landscape design that complements your active lifestyle. Here are the top three landscape architecture ideas for outdoor fitness and activities:

Pools Your Way

Swimming pools offer endless opportunities for both fitness and general activities. They are great for big and small families, and depending on what you want to use them for, there are a range of styles and shapes you can choose. Swimming is a perfect way to stay fit, of course, but pools can inspire other activities that can keep your energy levels up and get you burning calories. With a swimming pool, you can play water-based sports like water polo and water basketball. Kids can join in on the fun with games that are specifically geared to them like Treasure Hunt and Noodle Jousting. If fitness isn’t your main purpose for the pool, it’s still worth its weight on the landscape architecture aspect, as the pool area provides a gathering spot for all kinds of activities. Parties, family get-togethers, barbecues, and more can be enjoyed around the pool.

Fire Pits Bring Warmth

A fire pit would be a hit at your Commack, NY, property, because these hardscape features can be both functional and act as an aesthetically pleasing focal point. Having a fire pit lets you go back to roots with barbecuing or roasting. Fire pits also make gatherings a family affair, as everyone can join in and gather around the fire feature. Kids can set up camp and enjoy falling sleeping under the stars by the warmth from the fire pit while the adults keep the conversation going. They can also gather round and roast s’mores or hotdogs, to really crank up the camping-out feel. Outdoor furniture or built-in wall seats allow for long conversation and relaxation opportunities, as loved ones sit around the fire. You can also choose a fire pit as a place to entertain. Whether it’s summertime or the colder months, you’ll be able to utilize your fire pit as a central spot for outdoor activities throughout the year.

Patios Open Up Options

Imagine a pool patio made of natural stone, or if you want to eighty-six the pool idea, a patio made of high-quality pavers that’s the main attraction of your backyard. A patio delivers a place where you can entertain and relax. It’s here you can create outdoor living spaces that keep with your indoor themes. A dining area for example, allows you to have quaint evening dinners with family and friends in a perfect setting. You can also have an outdoor kitchen or grill island as a part of your overall patio look.

Your patio space can be used for working out as well. Picture yoga sessions atop chic natural stone, and a paver pathway or steps that lead down to the pool for a refreshing swim when you’re done. A patio can be an all-in-one architectural triumph for outdoor rooms, entertainment, and various activities of your choice.


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