August 8, 2018

Transform Your Hicksville, NY Front Yard Landscape Design with an Elevated Porch

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The transformation in appearance that an elevated porch can provide for your landscape may surprise you. This addition can present numerous benefits, as well as design options to utilize your front yard to its full capacity. Adding a porch that is raised, rather than flat, can create a more sophisticated look that introduces levels into a given area. This can, in turn, create depth, as well as the illusion of an overall larger layout. With a wide variety of styles, colors, and material options, a skilled and experienced Hicksville, NY landscape contractor, such as Above All Masonry and Outdoor Living, can help you create the ideal elevated porch to suit your personal taste and landscape theme. Choosing an elevated porch allows for numerous benefits. Here are a few to consider:

Increasing Depth for Smaller Front Yards

An elevated porch can create different levels, which has the ability to add a larger appearance to your front yard. This can also provide an elegant look to the entrance of your home. There is something quite timeless about a stairway leading up to a front doorway! Not only is this aesthetically pleasing to guests, but can also be somewhat practical for use. An elevated porch can allow for utilization of the area for additional plantings, or even lighting options. Raising your front porch has the ability to open up any front yard and provide an organized, welcoming, and elegant look.

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More Design Choices

An elevated porch naturally allows for a variety of design options. These options can create a more unique appearance and overall classy look. The design of your porch can be uniquely customized to match your height, color, and size preferences with the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable Above All Masonry and Outdoor Living landscape contractor.

Separate & Organized Areas

Implementing an elevated front porch into your landscape may provide a welcoming and well-organized appearance. By creating depth in this area, you can create openness while still keeping the porch area separate from the rest of the front yard landscape. In keeping things open, it avoids a cluttered look and an overwhelming first impression of your home.

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Use of Hand Railings

The use of hand railings can be an appealing and practical touch to add to any elevated front porch. These railings provide an obvious level of safety for easy use and a firm hand-hold when climbing stairs, but they can also add shape and outline to a front porch design. Rather than having a plain and empty stairway that could lack form, hand railings can add height and form to a grand home entranceway.

Elegant Pillars

Pillars are a timeless decorative feature that can provide elegance to any home’s entranceway and front yard landscape. Pillars can create a sense of class and contribute to an embracing home entrance for guests. Our landscape professional’s expertise can assist you in choosing the best pillars to tie your elevated front porch into the aesthetic of the rest of the property.

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