June 20, 2016

Using Landscape Design To Create More Livable Space at Home

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Sometimes, it can feel like your home is cramped, overcrowded, or just plain uninteresting. Home additions are costly and time consuming, while remodeling might be more inconvenient than your busy schedule allows. Instead, extend living space onto your landscape with outdoor rooms, which accommodate plenty of outdoor furniture, appliances, and play features. From fully functional kitchens to ornate zen gardens, your backyard is a blank palate for almost any outdoor area you envision. With landscape design, the possibilities for creating more livable space at home are virtually endless.

Bring the Whole Family Outside

A comfortable gathering place is central to any family-friendly home. If your indoor living room is cluttered or uninviting, why not move some of its components outdoors? An open-air living room is perfect for vibrant conversation and solo-time alike, provided it is cozy, durable, and protected from the elements. Utilize weatherproof hardscaping that emits a sense of warmth, such as decorative poured concrete or natural stone pavers. Cover the space with sun shades or playful terracing. If you picture yourself spending a relaxing rainy afternoon in your outdoor living room, build a pagoda or shade arbor, both of which can hold lighting fixtures and ceiling fans for multipurpose use. Charming additions like area rugs, waterproof couches, wall clocks, and mirrors recreate the allure of indoor livable space right on your landscape.

Dine Al Fresco

Do your interior kitchen and dining areas feel miserably small? Redirect the party to an outdoor dining room or al fresco kitchen space. Construct a patio as close to your indoor kitchen as possible by laying down slip-resistant, all-weather flooring, and enclose the area with seat walls or multilayered plantings. Include a large table for traditional or buffet-style dining, as well as comfortable and movable seating to encourage guests to utilize the whole space. For a complete outdoor kitchen, install adequate hardscaping and stainless steel appliances suited to your space requirements and functional needs.

Freshen Up Your Workspace

A congested home office is no place for focus or creativity. Move your work outside to create more livable space and breathe fresh air into your projects. To set up a basic outdoor office, pick a spot on your landscape with excellent shade trees and abundant natural light, and implant a weather-proof desk and accompanying chair. Include plenty of greenery and an ambient water feature to encourage a clear mind. Related: Backyard Design Essentials.

Use Landscape Design for Inner Peace

If you can’t increase the square footage of your home, do the next best thing by decluttering your mind. Section off a piece of your landscape with tall, broad-leaved plants, ornamental grasses, and privacy screens for the ultimate garden oasis. Incorporate natural stone hardscaping and soothing decorative features, such as a standalone waterfall. If your space and budget allow, go for a gorgeous custom water design complete with a pond and colorful fish. Whether you choose to practice yoga or read your favorite book, moving your personal care time outdoors will bring immense calmness into your life. With the right inspiration, using landscape design to create more livable space at home is not a difficult task. Brainstorm what your home’s interior is lacking and see how you can bring it outdoors!

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