December 14, 2019

Using Landscape Lighting to Make a Huntington Station, NY, Landscape Easier to Navigate

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Many Huntington Station, NY, homes have some type of outdoor lighting, but your current lighting scheme may not be adequate to make you feel truly safe and comfortable to move about after dark. Here are some landscape lighting ideas to make your outdoor space easier to navigate when the sun sets.

Look Carefully at Your Space 

When considering where to add outdoor lighting, it can be a helpful exercise to walk around your landscape after dark to see where you need additional or more strategically placed lighting to improve navigating those spaces when the sun is down. Are there corners that are too dark, or a walkway that has no lights? Taking a critical look at your darkened space can help you determine how much extra lighting you need.

Determine the Purpose of Landscape Lighting

If you want to entertain outdoors more often and longer into the night, then outdoor lighting for a patio or pergola or swimming pool area can be a priority. When you just want to be able to walk to your fire pit that is farther into the yard without stumbling or tripping, then walkway lighting might be just the thing. Think about how you use your yard once the sun has set to determine how you want to invest your money.

Ideas for Outdoor Lighting

Flood lights: Flood lights are not especially beautiful, but they do add brighter light to a large space and that can be what you need to light your driveway and areas surrounding the garage. Having the ability to see clearly when you drive into and out of your garage and driveway can help to eliminate potential falls. Plus, your visitors will appreciate the lighted parking space to park and exit their cars.

Walkways and driveway: Lighting the driveway can improve the appearance of your access and make it look better with the soft glow from low level lights. Illuminating walkways can keep you and your guests from tripping over an unseen branch or a loose brick. Moving from the car to the entryway is vastly improved when it is easy to see.

Patio lighting: Improving your patio lighting might just be one of the most noticeable improvements that you can make to your landscape. When you can head outside for a nightcap while gazing at the stars or when you have volunteered to host your entire family for a holiday and the patio can handle the spillover, you will be glad that you invested in patio lighting.

Even a fire feature such as a fire pit or outdoor fireplace can become more useable once the sun sets if the space surrounding it has lights.

Landscape lights: Hanging lights from your trees can make any night feel festive. Adding low level lights to landscape beds can make certain features stand out after dark, by spotlighting a special tree or a stone covered wall. Any portion of your landscape can be illuminated to make a space easier to navigate and look special after dark.

How Landscape Professionals Can Help You

Some homebuilders treat outdoor lighting as an afterthought, but it can truly be so much more. Experienced landscape professionals have the tools and knowledge to help you place outdoor lighting exactly where it can serve you best in a dark Huntington Station, NY, landscape. They can suggest the best outdoor lighting for your unique needs.


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