January 18, 2017

Welcome Home 2016 Winner Update

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If you’ve read our previous update (check it out here), you’ll know we’re extremely anxious in transforming this Welcome Home 2016’s winner backyard. We’ve now done pretty much all the hardscaping (thanks to Unilock for their beautiful pavers).

The ramp for Mark’s wheelchair is the main highlight of this project and really challenged us, given the limited space. Using the right measurements for a perfect slope – we are so thrilled to have been able to include this accessibility for Mark! Other highlights include the fire pit area along with the grill. 

What’s next? A LOT! When the spring season breaks, we’ll be installing plantings (because what yard is complete without this colorful addition?). Other finishing touches include the actual grill, sound system, & granite countertop. Stay tuned for the updates on Mark’s story and the next Welcome Home project by signing up to our email list! And as always, we must remind everyone that we couldn’t do this without the support of our sponsors – we are so grateful! 


Our Welcome Home 2016 Sponsors


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