August 23, 2018

Update on the Welcome Home 2017 Long Island, NY Project

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If you’ve been following our progress with this year’s winner of the Welcome Home Contest, you’ll know how excited we are to finally give Ashley and her family a delightful and practical front yard. In our last update (check it out here), the Above All Masonry Design & Outdoor Living team replaced the massive, old bay window with a smaller, more stable one. The window was obstructing the use of the front porch. We are

so that happy the large window that stood as a safety hazard for the entire family is now removed. Now, the new window looks like a part of the home!

The next steps of beautifying the front entrance included painting the window frames and the exterior of the house. With the help of Walker Painting, we have now completed that step. As you can see from the pictures, the grey paint gives the home a fresh, inviting look.

What’s Next?

We are just getting started! Our sponsor, Victorian Fence, will be replacing the existing railing with a new, improved PVC railing. PVC railing requires very little maintenance a

nd is a product that won’t warp, split, rot, corrode or stain, making the life of the family easier and the porch even


We also have an update on the masonry work. One of the main goals of this project was to allow Ashley an easy, undemanding passage up the front steps and across the front porch. All plans are set on starting the masonry work at the end of next week! In

the beginning, we were planning to use pavers for the porch entrance. But, because of the height of the existing doors, we decided that pavers were not a suitable material. Instead, our sponsor MSI Stone, will be providing porcelain tiles, bullnose coping, and veneer for the porch area.

A home is incomplete without plantings! Greenery gives life to any front yard, so our sponsor, Site One Landscaping Supply, will be providing heavenly, lush plant materials that will turn the front yard into a small paradise. The beauty of this finishing touch will bring an additional sense of joy into the life of the Ventimiglia family.

As the project slowly unfolds, we would like to express our gratitude. All of this could not be possible without the help of our lovely, generous sponsors – a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed!

Thank you to our incredible sponsors for the 2017 Welcome Home winner


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