July 5, 2018

Welcome Home 2017 Long Island, NY Winner Update

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Ever since announcing the winner of the Welcome Home 2017 Contest, we are proud to say that our hard-working teams are keeping up to speed with the project requirements. After careful inspection of Ashley’s outdoor porch, steps, and driveway, followed by multiple design ideas and teamwork, we have made some exciting progress that we want to share with you.

You can view Ashley’s full story here.

While the original reward was intended to be patio and healing garden, we chose to address the safety and accessibility of the front areas given Ashley’s current condition. Ashley has been in and out of the hospital due to her pancreas being removed and doctors are having a tough time controlling her sugar which is causing Ashley to pass out often. She is no longer allowed to be alone or alone with her children. This being the case, we recognized the front areas of the home are a larger priority than the backyard. Thanks to our amazing sponsors this year, we can transform Ashley’s existing, driveway, walkway, front porch, and steps into a functional, safe space.

Given the condition of the porch and narrow driveway, an initial dilemma on how to proceed with the project arose. But, after putting a lot of thought into it, we’ve decided that expanding the driveway and walkway will benefit Ashley’s lifestyle more than a classic front yard renovation.

Ashley’s current driveway is in disrepair, creating a nightmare each time she needs to get in and out of a vehicle. Because of her condition, she needs a better design for her front entrance, a one that won’t put a strain on her body when she walks inside and out of the house. Therefore, our mission is to reconstruct the current front yard to make things easier for Ashley. The plan includes expanding the driveway and walkway area instead of the yard, and removing the hazardous bay window. And since the steps are too high making it hard for Ashley to get into the house, we are also fixing the front steps and front porch. The removal of the window will open up the front porch area and create more space for Ashley and her children.

Safety is always a priority, so in this project, we first went for a full replacement of the bay window. With the help of the lovely workforce of Woodland Constructing Corp and materials from East Islip Lumber, the mission is successfully completed, and this project is ready to move on to the next milestone!

Completed Step: Bay Window Replacement

Before officially starting on the front patio installation, soon-to-be performed by us, Above All Masonry, using Unilock concrete pavers and Astro materials, we needed to replace the old bay window. The window was large and heavy, obstructing the use of the front porch. So, the team from Woodland Construction Corporation covered a significant amount of space from both sides of the window and replaced the massive window with a smaller, more stable one.

With the new bay window, the young, Lake Grove mother can safely sit in the front porch area, admiring her beautiful flower beds and watching her children play in the new outdoor space. Also, replacing the old window gives us more room on the existing front porch.

More exciting renovations to come soon and we promise to keep you posted on the progress!

See our new Welcome Home 2017 project update here!

Thank you to our incredible sponsors for the 2017 Welcome Home winner


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