January 29, 2020

What an Outdoor Kitchen Adds to Oyster Bay, NY, Outdoor Entertainment

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If you are looking for a way for the entire family to enjoy activities outdoors, then consider installing an outdoor kitchen in your Oyster Bay, NY, landscape. An outdoor kitchen offers a myriad of options for dining outside.


Choosing a flooring paver that repels stains and provides easy cleanup is the start of a versatile outdoor kitchen. You landscape contractor has so many options in colors, styles, and sizes to complement your home’s exterior and architecture that your outdoor kitchen floor can be unique to your preference. With concrete pavers that are weather resistant and won’t crack or fade over time, you won’t have to worry that the high traffic when you entertain will cause damage to a gorgeous stone floor.


An outdoor kitchen can be as simple as a grill station or as elaborate as an entire kitchen complete with a cooktop, oven, grill and refrigerator. What matters is that it has the elements that can allow you to serve up your favorite dishes while visiting with your guests.

A refrigerator can give everyone access to cold drinks and can hold any items you need for barbecuing while also keeping any leftovers cold.


An outdoor bar as part of your kitchen can allow you to keep a keg ready at all times, mix up everyone’s favorite beverage, and place your own personal stamp on the bar with a nod to your favorite sports teams. The bar’s capacity to hold a blender, ice and all the mixers can mean drinks for any celebration at the push of a button.

Pizza Oven

A pizza oven could possibly be the most underrated feature of an outdoor kitchen. What could be better than having a family or best friends “make your own pizza night”? Not only does a pizza oven cook amazing pizza, but you can use it to bake out-of-this-world bread and cookies, cobblers, and most any dessert that needs to be baked. Pair this with an outdoor movie, and no will ever want to leave the delight of the backyard.

Fire Pit or Outdoor Fireplace

Any type of fire feature can quickly become the gathering spot for people who enjoy an outdoor party or meal with you. Not only does a fire feature provide warmth and ambiance, but you can roast marshmallows and hotdogs, too. Combine that with sofas filled with fat pillows and warm throws, and you can enjoy being by the fire with the people you love most.


Choosing to add a roof to your outdoor kitchen can keep your plans safe from the fickle weather and give you more time to enjoy an outdoor meal. When you add a roof, you can also install some special outdoor lighting such as string lights, a chandelier and ceiling fans for warm evenings. Add a TV so that you can watch a cooking channel or your favorite team compete while you whip up the meal of the day.

Expanding your Oyster Bay, NY, backyard area to include an outdoor kitchen can make it so you can host big groups for special occasions like birthdays and the Fourth of July as well as small groups for an intimate dinner with your closest friends. With customizable plans and limitless choices for pavers and accents, your kitchen can reflect what you like to cook and how you like to entertain.


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