October 6, 2021

What is Landscaping?

What is Landscaping

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The art of landscaping has been practiced for centuries. The ancient Mayans were manipulating their land not just aesthetically. But also to make it more practical with changes in terrain and construction projects. They enhanced its appearance all while creating usable space around homes. Today, you call this kind of activity “landscaping.”

What is Landscaping?

Landscaping is a combination of art and science. You can think of it as applied science. Think of planting materials that will enhance the appearance. Likewise, these are also practical for the needs of the people. Visualize the kinds of structures for installing to provide convenience or safety. Look at the types of designs that can dominate or blend into their surroundings.

People created the need for landscaping. We have done this and can improve upon it. There is always something new to learn. As people continue their quest for knowledge, they will discover even more things about landscaping that they never knew before. It is not just about outdoor beauty but also about improving your home.

Types of Landscaping Features?

There are various landscaping features available to send your outdoor area to a new level. These are also highly functional. Transform the look of your home even without necessarily adding structures. What these do is change or enhance its landscape for aesthetic purposes.

Planting beds

These types of beds are common features. You can plant flowers, trees, or vegetables in it. It will provide a natural feel to the area where they are installed. The best thing about planting beds is that you can choose what plants will go on them. Choose the density or thickness of each type of vegetation. This is through planting methods like layering and striping.

Consider planting beds as permanent landscaping features. Its installation requires digging holes for individual plants. If you want to take out the plants when they die, then this is not for you. Make sure that your chosen types of plants thrive well in your location’s climate conditions.


Lawns are usually installed by sowing grass seed. Adopt the right vegetation for your climate and soil conditions. The installation of lawns can include putting in fertilizers or pesticides that will help them flourish well over time. It creates a functional landscape element where you can roll out outdoor activities. If planned and maintained correctly, you can even install these in front of swimming pools or public parks with no problem at all.

The great thing about lawns is that they can blend well with woods and other types of landscapes. You can customize their appearance through different kinds of colors or shades. These make them unique. Another way to beautify is to plant trees for big shade coverage. There must be no gaps in between them.


These are small or tall bushes that are planted for aesthetics. Functions include blocking out unwanted views and covering up unsightly things like abandoned structures, tires with flat rubber, and more. You can plant them everywhere. Find it interesting that there are many types of shrubs with different sizes and shapes available for you to choose from. These things come in various colors. Shrub planting also lets you replace it fast as needed.

Give your landscaping a complete transformation by adding trees and shrubs together. You can plant them to create an orchard where fruit-bearing trees are put. Place temporary structures so you feel like spending the day outdoors. Put up swings for children to enjoy while having fun at the same time!

Flowering trees

These types of plants stand out from the rest because they have colorful flowers and are also fragrant. Maintain the right amount of water and fertilizer over time. In addition, there are many types of flowering trees available on the market today. All you need to do is pick your preferred one through research or recommendations from an expert landscaper.

The good news about these types of plants is that they look amazing in use with lawns, flower beds, and other landscape features all together as a package! Colors that will match vary depending on your location’s climate conditions. You will start attracting bees and butterflies as visitors.

Foundation plantings

These are vegetations around the perimeter of your home’s foundation. It protects its wall from damage due to the growth of tree roots underneath it. Check if there are present vegetations. If so, remove them one by one until you can see the bare soil or rocks. Prepare these for planting by using sprays on pests and weeds away first before putting in new plants.


Driveways are great for planting trees and shrubs of bigger sizes. Install a row of plants with even spaces between each one. This makes way for your car or motorcycle parking with a safe environment surrounding it. For this, you must choose the right types of plants with leaves already. No harm to these vehicles if they happen to brush against them from time to time.

In addition, flowers can also appear on your driveways. The condition is enough space for them to grow properly. Ever heard of flowerbeds near driveways? They look exotic all year round. You do not need to worry about maintenance as these only require regular care and watering done.


These are also installed for landscaping purposes. The difference is that they are laid down before the lawns, trees, and shrubs have already been in place. What matters most is that these materials can last long when done well. For walkways, you put certain types of stones to create a solid base with added drainage features underneath them.

For example, it has curved path designs along the side where you can install trees. It has durability because of its construction type and low maintenance cost. This saves your money in the long run. It does not require any leveling at all during the installation period unlike other types of plants around it. It only takes creativity for perfecting.

Your professional landscaper in Long Island will create a plan for your yard that suits its layout. He also provides you with solutions to common problems such as slopes, wind, or sun.


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