July 11, 2020

What Role Does the Shape of a Swimming Pool Play in Landscape Design in Hauppauge NY?

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When contemplating installing a swimming pool in your yard, does the shape matter to you? To understand how the shape of a swimming pool can be influenced by your Hauppauge, NY, property, here are some considerations that can determine the possible shapes.

The Two Main Factors

There are two main factors that can influence the shape and design of a swimming pool—the available space and your preference. Clearly, there cannot be a huge pool in a small yard and there shouldn’t be a small pool in a huge yard because proportions matter.

Think About Who Will Use the Pool

Will you only use the pool to swim laps or do you have children who will be splashing around every day? Do you want to host family swim parties or are you more of a solo swimmer? These intended uses can help an expert pool designer to point you in the right direction for the pool that will meet your specific needs. Other considerations can be pool depth, waterfalls, and slides to accompany the pool.

Pool Shapes

Rectangular Pool

A rectangular pool can be the quintessential pool shape, especially when it is placed parallel to the back of the house. The straight lines can mimic the architecture of your home to present a classic pool. The rectangle is a timeless shape that will never go out of style and there are multiple variations of the rectangular pool to fit most any yard.

“L” Shape Pool

The “L” shape pool can have the advantage of a separate space for the deep end that is not part of the continuous pool shape. This shape is another classic pool style that can function well in most any landscape. When you plan to have a diving area and need the depth to accommodate the diving board, the “L” can work well.

Free Style Pool

If your landscape has design challenges, then the free style pool can be the approach that follows the landscape in terms of shape. With the free form, there is set shape so you are able to contour the pool to the existing land shape.

Oval Pool

The oval pool can fit a long, narrow lot well to provide quite a bit of swimming space.

Landscaping for a Pool Space

Proper landscaping for a pool should include a secure gate and fence to protect little ones from accidentally entering the pool area. If your home is close to a neighbor, a living screen of evergreen trees can bring more privacy without making your space feel boxed in.

Having some grassy space nearby can allow for games of badminton and volleyball when swimming time is over. Another consideration is if you plan to add any other outdoor landscape features such as an outdoor kitchen, a pergola, or a pool house as these should be factored in when the pool shape and location is determined.

For summer entertaining, a swimming pool can’t be beat! An outdoor living specialist and masonry designer can assess your property to recommend the ideal pool shape for your terrain. They know that lasting memories will be made in your outdoor swimming pool so they will create the perfect outdoor oasis for your unique Hauppauge, NY, landscape.


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