February 11, 2020

Which Shape Is Best for Your Hauppauge, NY, Swimming Pool?

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If you are thinking of adding a swimming pool to your Hauppauge, NY, landscape, this can be the ideal time of year for installation. Here are some ways to help you decide the best pool shape for your property.

Swimming Pool Benefits

While a swimming pool can clearly provide the ideal place for summer fun, it can also increase your overall good health. Swimming is an activity that only requires water, unlike many other sports that require a partner for participation. As an activity that can aid heart and lung health, swimming can boost your endurance and potentially strengthen muscles all over your body, too.

Being a low impact exercise, it can be also be great for those with arthritis or other health problems that make walking difficult. Studies show that swimming can improve your mood, as well.

Dictates of Pool Shape

The terrain, shape, and size of your property can have an impact on the shape of the pool that can be built. Other factors that can affect the shape and size are the building codes for your area, your home’s exterior style, and how much sun the available area receives. After all, you typically want to swim in the sun!

Rectangular pool: The rectangular pool can probably be described as the most practical. This does not mean that a rectangular pool can’t look amazing in your landscape and be the perfect shape for your outdoor space. In fact, you may find that a rectangular pool is ideal for swimming laps for exercise and can be the easiest to keep clean. In fact, a rectangular pool can be the least involved to cover when the swimming season ends.

Round: A round pool looks so pleasing in the landscape and can function as a true focal point. Offered in a wide variety of sizes, a round pool can allow for many swimmers without impeding the fun of others. This type of pool can also be easy to keep clean as there are no corners where debris can sit and be difficult to reach.

Kidney-shaped: Many homeowners love the lack of sharp corners that a kidney-shaped pool brings. Because of the curves, this pool shape can contour well to the natural shape of a property by allowing for more bending and easy lines. The kidney-shaped swimming pool may be more likely to fit a smaller yard for those reasons.

Custom shaped: A swimming pool can be constructed according to your desires and discretion. If there is a shape that you have a strong preference for or one that holds special meaning for you, then custom is the way to go. You and the landscape designer can decide how well the shape you prefer can fit into your landscape, adjusting the initial design as necessary to accomplish your goal.

This sharing of ideas can include a review of nearly endless pool designs for your perusal along with luxury spas and waterfall features. No matter the design you have in mind for your Hauppauge, NY, project, with some planning, you can achieve a beautiful and private oasis for you and your family to enjoy all summer long. Driven by expert craftsmanship, a dedication to perfection, and collaboration, landscape design professionals can help you bring your swimming pool ideas to life.


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