August 25, 2016

Which Unilock Paver Fits Best In Your Landscape Design Plan?

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If you’re considering Unilock for your next outdoor living project, we’re here to help you choose the right Unilock concrete paver for you! We’ve narrowed down some of the most popular options all one list for you. Now for some disclosure, we’ve left out quite a bit of the concrete pavers that Unilock offers in our Long Island area (because we can only fit so many on this list), so if you’re considering a paver that didn’t make it to this list, just ask us about it!

Beacon Hill Flagstone

Combining the subtle beauty of natural stone with the durability of concrete, Beacon Hill Flagstone is an excellent choice for creating patios or walkways with a mellow palette and classical feel. The earthy colors are the perfect match for homes with brick and modern facades alike. Coming in three different shapes and sizes, the Beacon Hill Flagstone can be used to create a randomized appearance suited to accentuate the natural form theme of your garden or bring a touch of character to your backyard.


The Copthorne paver is modeled to resemble the brick pavers of old world Europe. Perfect for outdoor living spaces that are going for the warmth and charm of an old English cottage! It’s an ideal paver to complement backyards rich in deep greens and can bring warmth to a home’s white or grey exterior. With each paver uniquely molded while remaining consistent in dimension, the Copthorne paver will create a characterful, richly colored, and even surface. The bonus? Copthorne is virtually indestructible.


Exuding the smooth, slip-resistant texture of natural granite, Umbriano pavers offer beautifully randomly dispersed flecks of coloring. The Umbriano comes in a selection of unique colors including Autumn Sunset, Midnight Sky, Summer Wheat, and Winter Marvel, to give your patio the mood you’re looking for. The lighter colors make excellent complements to the blues and turquoise of a swimming pool, while Midnight Sky offers a perfect backdrop to your elegant white lawn furniture.

Brussels Block

With an antique appearance and irregular, timeworn edges, the Brussels Block is reminiscent of old cobblestoned streets. The gentle warmth of its coloring lends itself to a relaxed outdoor setting and rustic country appeal. The Brussels Block can provide the perfect juxtaposition for a modern home, or be used to accentuate the classical character of more traditional architectural styles. A multitude of visually interesting laying patterns can be achieved with this versatile paver, from random, natural patterning, to a more ordered, uniform surface.


Similar in appearance to the Beacon Hill Flagstone, the Treo paver’s range of sizes make it ideally suited to smaller areas. The Treo pavers embody strength, durability, and reliability. With a laid back, timeless look and feel, the Treo is perfect for patios, poolside surrounds and meandering backyard walkways.


With the texture of natural flagstone, Richcliff pavers are both modern and classy, while remaining virtually indestructible. One of the best things about the Richcliff pavers is that it presents a characterful surface of randomized texture identical to that of natural stone. Its strength makes it perfect for use in elegant driveways or parking areas, while it’s smooth yet non-slip surface is ideal for pool surrounds and open air patios.


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