October 14, 2016

Why Bother with Landscape Lighting For Your LI Home?

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Outdoor lighting can change the entire look of your Long Island home, when done correctly.  Whether you’re looking to freshen up your home’s exterior or you need additional landscape lighting for security reasons, one thing is certain: landscape lighting can add major value to your home by providing functionality and curb appeal.

First things first: safety.

Outdoor lighting is beautiful but it is also recommended by most security professionals to help keep your home safe during the night. Landscape lighting can play a major role in protecting your home from intruders and vandals. Many insurance companies will offer big discounts for extra safety measures taken by homeowners and lighting is a wonderful safety measure. And if you own a vacation home that isn’t regularly supervised, proper landscape lighting is very essential in protecting your home.

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Extend the usable time of your outdoor spaces.

Outdoor living isn’t limited to the summer season. It can be an almost-year-round pleasure. To really get the benefits of entertaining, relaxing, and beautifying the home, it’s important to have properly installed outdoor lighting. It helps to increase usage in the outdoor spaces in the evenings – particularly in the fall when the sun sets much earlier than the summer!

Highlight the most beautiful details.

When done correctly, outdoor lighting will glow on a warm summer night. It can accentuate beautiful angles and architecture of the home after the sun goes down. Lighting can also be used to highlight the beautiful landscape of your home. Overall, subtle landscape lighting will always add to the beauty of the outside of your home.

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Type of lighting?

The type of lighting that your outdoor spaces will need (e.g. LED, line voltage) depends on the size, style, and function. In most cases, combinations of various types of lighting (hardscape lighting, uplighting, etc.) are ideal. The right combination is best determined by a professional landscape lighting company (of course, we think are a great one!).

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