June 12, 2020

Why Every Landscape Design Could Use a Swimming Pool in East Northport, NY

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Life certainly looks different than it did last summer but you can still make the most of your warm weather months with a gorgeous swimming pool. Every Northport, NY, landscape can be home to a swimming pool design for hours of family fun when you let a talented landscape designer take you away from every day life with a customized pool.


Blend with Nature

When you don’t want a swimming pool to stand out in the landscape, consider choosing a design that does not incorporate a wide pool deck but instead has edges that look like slate. Let the grass grow adjacent to the edges and your pool can look like a delightfully natural pond.

If you want to add some drama, integrate a fire feature that is surrounded by a similar flagstone to bring fire and water together. Large landscape stones can form the pathway from the house to your pool area so that it feels like you are walking right into nature to go for a swim.

Unending Infinity

The infinity pool can be the perfect addition to a contemporary or traditional landscape. This type of pool design can be ideal when you have a sloping property that ends in a spectacular view. When you swim, it can feel like you are falling off right into another body of water like the ocean or into the tops of the wooded trees.

Add ambient lighting within the pool and to the surrounding space for relaxing nighttime swimming. You might even want to add a large screen for outdoor movies that the whole family will enjoy.

Swim Up Bar and Kitchen

Any swimming pool can be home to a swim up bar where the adults can get their favorite beverages and the kids can enjoy juice boxes and blended, fruity drinks with umbrellas. Add a full kitchen to the back of the bar and you can grill up a feast for tasty food while keeping the entire mess outside.

A swim up bar and an outdoor kitchen can be as elaborate or simple as you wish—from a grill station with ample countertops for cooking utensils and plates to a full kitchen with a pizza oven for homemade pizza. Dining and swimming outside has never been better!

Rustic but Refined

If stone columns and rustic beauty is more your style, then you can create a pool surround that mimics your favorite covered patio with the stone columns and timber posts. Elevate a spa with the rustic stone to set it apart from the pool space when you echo the impressive stone finishes.

When you want quality craftsmanship and two generations of masonry experience, choose a landscape service with extensive outdoor and masonry design. Their team specializes in a collaborative relationship , treating you like family. Communicating from beginning to end, they can help in the plan of the swimming pool, the selection of stone and plants, and overcoming any challenges to your dream pool.

They will ensure that you receive the best products and the best prices to keep your Northport, NY, pool in budget without sacrificing beauty and convenience. Whatever you have in mind, they can achieve it so that your family can enjoy swimming together this summer.



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