April 29, 2016

Why Every Long Island Homeowner Should Have a Fire Pit

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Whether you think of a fire pit as the ultimate focal point or just as one of the bonus elements in your backyard, a fire pit is a game changer. For kids, adults, and even pets, a fire pit can unite people together, extend gatherings way past dark, and so much more. And if these reasons alone aren’t enough to convince you, here are some more!

Back to Nature

Most families living on Long Island are fully acquainted with busy, rushing, organized chaos kind of living. This is why a fire pit can offer so much. After dark, a fire pit creates a wonderful escape kind-of-feeling. It helps to create a natural and woodsy ambiance and helps people relax and unwind.


A fire pit provides wonderful outdoor entertainment for you and your guests. It’s a central location to talk, drink, eat, and enjoy the company of friends and family. There is something radically different about conversations when they take place around a campfire instead of around a kitchen table. People are more willing to open up, words are often more genuine, and laughter is more spontaneous. A fire pit is a catalyst for all of these great things.

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Eating, Cooking, and Snacking

Yes, you can cook plenty of meals over a grill (or even at your smoker). However, there is something special about campfire cooking. For example, few things beat cooking a hot dog or marshmallow over an open flame. A fire pit is the only place where groups of people of various ages can all cook together (if all the safety rules are followed of course).


From rustic charm, to modern elegance, to traditional – there are endless styles to match the rest of your outdoor spaces. And while the functional aspects as most often used after sunset, a well designed fire pit can serve as a focal point even when it’s not in use.

Appreciation of Nature

Yes, it is true that fire pits burn wood (unless its run on gas) and therefore add a small amount of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. However, fire pits also bring a reverence for nature and helps connect people to our more primitive roots. After being around a fire for several evenings, many people, especially children, discover a higher reverence for nature and the natural world.

Don’t let the perfect spot in your yard for a fire pit remain vacant any longer. Contact a professional to help install a fire pit in your Long Island yard today. After your first campfire, you will be glad you did.


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