August 22, 2020

Why No Backyard Is Complete Without a Swimming Pool in Plainview and Glen Cove NY Areas

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You might be surprised to learn that this can be an ideal time of year to add a swimming pool to your Plainview and Glen Cove, NY, area backyard. For some landscape contractors, the swimming pool installation season could be slowing down, meaning that you won’t have to wait on delays to get the pool of your dreams.

Why You Need a Pool

If you need reasons to build a swimming pool, here are some of the best. Swimming is an activity that the entire family can enjoy together, giving you a place to exercise and enjoy time spent together. It can be the place where you celebrate birthdays and have sleepovers—where family movie night can happen while floating in the pool.

A swimming pool can be the exercise you need to keep your joints from hurting while burning off calories. It can add a special ambiance to your landscape with lighted trees surrounding the outdoor space and illuminated pool water.

Swimming Pool Types


A rectangular pool can be the most common shape and can also be the least expensive because it fits almost any landscape space. Swimming laps for exercise can be ideal in this pool while the deep end can delight the older kids and the shallow end is the play place for the little ones.


A freeform pool can follow the shape of the landscape to give you unique pool shape. This pool is not defined by straight lines and hard angles but instead makes expansive use of curving lines.


The infinity pool seems to drop off into the horizon. This can be especially dramatic when the backdrop is the ocean, a lake, or a dense forest. Full of illusion, the infinity pool is not right for every backyard but if it is right for yours, it will bring the drama to the landscape.

Add Pool Features

While a swimming pool itself can bring delight to all ages, adding special features can up the fun level. Homeowners with small children might find that adding a slide that circles in the middle before dumping the swimmer out into the water can keep the kids busy all afternoon.

A fountain in the pool can be a true lure to the water and serve as a focal point for the landscape. A waterfall at one end of the pool can be formed with large stones to make it feel like a resort where people can hide underneath the waterfall and play water games.

A water wall is a low retaining wall on one end of the pool with multiple spigots for water to spill into the pool. When you add lighting to the wall, it can be incandescent after dark.


This water feature can amaze and delight the younger swimmers as it is positioned in the shallow end of the pool to mimic a splash pad.

An expert landscape design and masonry specialist can bring your Plainview and Glen Cove, NY, backyard pool ideas to life. Whether you want a unique water feature or a complete pool house to accompany your pool, they have the team and the resources to make your backyard into the pool paradise you want. The possibilities are endless!


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