April 30, 2018

Why Spring and Summer are Great Times for Interior Masonry Fireplace Installation on Long Island, NY

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You might not want to think about cold weather and indoor heating now that spring has finally arrived. But spring and summer are actually the best times to have your Long Island indoor fireplace installed. Having your interior masonry fireplace installed now will help the whole process run more smoothly. And it also means you’ll be ready to enjoy your new fireplace when the cold weather arrives.

Advantages of an Interior Masonry Fireplace

A warm fire creates the perfect atmosphere for curling up on a cool night, and an interior masonry fireplace makes a beautiful focal point in any room. Adding the warmth of a fire can also help reduce heating costs and increase your home’s value. Furthermore, an interior fireplace is an excellent source of heat when the power goes out.

For good reason, fire codes restrict the materials that can be used around a fireplace. Brick, stone, granite, marble and concrete are all fire-safe materials that are approved for use near a fire. Masonry fireplaces not only look good, they’re flame retardant as well. Above All Masonry Design and Outdoor Living will create a custom design for your interior masonry fireplace. Our skilled technicians can complete installation and provide beautiful masonry finishes.

Better Weather Makes Installation Easier

Even though your fireplace is inside, bad weather can still cause installation problems. Some exterior work is almost always required for a new fireplace. Bad weather can cause delays and create a scheduling backlog that could have you waiting for weeks.

Dry weather is best for a successful fireplace installation. A fireplace should be airtight. Wet and cold weather can affect how seals dry. If exterior masonry work is necessary, bad weather is even more of a concern.

Supply and Demand

One of the great benefits of an off-season fireplace installation is that manufacturers usually have full stock available. During the busy season, supplies are depleted and custom orders are often backlogged. In the spring and summer, wait times are minimal.

Aside from better selection and shorter wait times, you may also be able to find discounts when installing a fireplace in warm weather. When sales are slow, some fireplace manufacturers will reduce prices to help move stock.

Scheduling and Availability

Scheduling a fireplace installation in the fall and winter is challenging on many levels. A successful fireplace installation requires a number of skilled technicians to get the job done. You’ll need a gas fitter, a contractor to rough in the fireplace surround, a fireplace technician and a Mason for the final stonework. In the fall and winter, demand for these specialists is high.

With low availability, scheduling becomes much more difficult. If even one technician is unavailable, it can delay your whole project by weeks. In the off-season, appointments are readily available and scheduling nightmares are easy to avoid.

Less Stress and No Rush

When making a major upgrade to your home, such as adding an interior masonry fireplace, you want to ensure you make the right choices. Without the pressure of time constraints, you can take the time to find the perfect fireplace for your home.

Trying to schedule multiple suppliers with busy schedules is often a stressful process. Especially when one technician can’t make their delivery or appointment. Then you have the difficult job of reorganizing multiple appointments. This kind of stress is easy to avoid when booking your project in the off-season through a trusted design/build company like Above All Masonry Design and Outdoor Living.


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