August 22, 2019

Why You Should Invest in Landscape Lighting for Your Melville, NY, Home

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Almost any home, regardless of size, can benefit from landscape lighting. Here’s why investing in lighting for your landscape after the sun sets would offer so many advantages to your Melville, NY, home.

Nighttime Drama

Take an evening stroll through almost any neighborhood and the homes that most likely catch your eye are the ones that are beautifully lit after dark. Whether a home is large or small, strategic landscape lights can highlight a striking rock wall, a majestic old tree, or a retaining wall.

Illuminate your backyard with suspended twinkle lights and uplighting for a dramatic effect on your trees. Low level lights along the pathway and around the patio make it easy to move about the yard for as long as you would like to remain outdoors.

Image Source- Unilock

Landscape Lighting Says, “Welcome!”

No matter who is visiting your home, family or friends, a landscape filled with ambient light says, “So glad you are here!” A well-lit home makes if easy for new friends or any visitor to locate your home with very little trouble. When the house number is visible from the street at night, locating your home is a breeze.

A driveway that has a clearly illuminated entrance and walkways that are easy to navigate make arriving at your home pleasant. For some homes, it can be difficult to distinguish the entryway from the family entry, and clear lighting in the form of sconces on the porch and clearly visible steps help anyone who comes to your home find the correct entry right away. The gorgeous nighttime lights make your guests feel comfortable and welcome immediately.

Improves Curb Appeal

While your landscape might look magical in the daylight, that beauty disappears once night falls if there is no landscape lighting. That stately oak tree that sits as a focal point in your front yard becomes just another shadow once it is dark, and the fountain that brings you such joy in the daytime when you hear the water spilling over becomes another nighttime sound. But when you install landscape lights on the tree or the fountain, they become a landscape feature that define your property even after dark.

Any improvement to the landscape of your home adds curb appeal, and this in turn increases the value of your home, especially if you ever consider selling. Statistics show that buyers know right away from seeing the exterior of a home whether they want to enter. One of the most persuasive selling points of a home is the well-landscaped property.

Increases Safety

Another important functions of landscape lighting, if not the most important, is increased nighttime security. When you arrive home from dinner or a party, knowing that the corners have been illuminated, or an entryway is sufficiently lighted for safety, or the farthest landscape beds don’t feel spooky can bring about a true sense of safety. No matter which entrance you choose to use, there should be enough lighting surrounding your home for you to feel secure.

Knowing that anyone who visits your house feels safe enough to leave the car and walk to the door should give you a great feeling. Landscape lighting for driveways, pathways, and entries is a true help for elderly and young visitors, especially.

If increasing the landscape lighting around your Melville, NY, home, is a priority for you, then you need to partner with landscape specialists with a stellar reputation in your area. With trusted electricians and a wide variety of lighting choices, your area lighting professionals can lend their expertise to enhance the enjoyment and safety you feel in your home once the sun goes down.


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