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Landscape designs that evoke all the senses.

At Above All Masonry, we understand that every property’s landscaping needs are just as unique as the family that calls it home. Choosing just the right trees, flowers, and shrubs for your home’s landscape design is the key to ensuring both your plants and your family enjoy many years of thriving growth in your outdoor spaces!

Benefits of Landscaping For Homeowners

Chances are, you’ve probably driven or walked past a house that had showstopping landscaping. You probably marveled at the bright green lawn, vibrant flowers, and charming stone walkway and immediately began comparing your front yard to theirs. Good landscaping is something you just can’t ignore! 

There are plenty of other benefits from landscaping than just impressed neighbors and a beautiful space for you to enjoy. Landscaping can also:

  • Boost Property Value 
    Homes that have professional landscaping services that make them look well-maintained and attractive are often priced higher in the housing market, which means you could benefit down the road if you sell your home. 
  • Reduce Utility Costs 
    Plants and trees close to your home can lower the temperature inside in warmer months by providing shade. These landscaping agents can also protect your home from cold winds in colder months, which can lower your utility bill.   
  • Increase Privacy 
    Planting bushes or greenery along the outer borders of your home can add a sense of privacy to your patio, yard, or other outdoor areas, protecting you and your family from unwanted attention from neighbors. 
  • Improve Functionality
    Landscaping helps you make the most out of your outdoor space so you can enjoy the look while using the areas.
  • Preserve the Environment 
    Did you know landscaping helps more than just you? It’s actually environmentally friendly. When you add plants and trees to your outdoor living space, you’re making a positive impact on the environment, as it prevents soil erosion and purifies the air.

Second-to-None Landscaping Services for New York Residents

As a New York homeowner, you want your house to be attractive inside and out, from your kitchen to your front yard. Beautiful landscapes offer more than just curb appeal and increased value; it makes you feel accomplished and proud of the place you call home. At Above All Masonry, our goal as a sophisticated landscape design company is to ensure that you love where you live. 

Our highly skilled team of landscape designers, landscape contractors, and masonry contractors has extensive experience with a variety of outdoor landscape and design and build projects. From gazebos, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens to pergolas, poolscapes, and various water features, our landscape architects have seen and done it all.

We understand and consider the many factors involved in picking the perfect plants for your space and developing a design customized to your unique style and preferences. 

Whether you need a paver to handle your next hardscape patio project or some luscious greenery planted down your backyard walkway, our talented landscapers are here to help! We believe the best landscaping focuses on the details without forgetting the big picture. 

Above All Masonry Design also offers second-to-none planting services to local homeowners, including:

Landscaping trees (including fruit trees & nut trees)
Boxwood shrubs
Perennial & annual flowers
Landscaping with ornamental grasses
Foundation plants
Ground cover plants
Border plants for landscaping
Allergy friendly plants
Pet-safe plants
Shade-loving plants
Waterfall landscaping
Curb appeal landscaping plants
Bee friendly plants
Raised bed design & masonry
Edible landscaping
Swimming Pool landscaping plants

We offer exceptional landscape design services in and around the following areas of your home:

Long Island Landscape Design Experts Available For You

Believe it or not, your landscaping says a lot about you. What’s yours saying? 

Are you ready to take advantage of our award-winning, full-service landscape architecture for your outdoor living space? Above All Masonry Design is not your typical landscaping company; we’re so much more! With expert craftsmanship and personalized customer service, we are dedicated to the satisfaction of our valued customers. 

We provide gorgeous landscaping services in the Suffolk County and Nassau County areas, from Northport and Massapequa to Huntington and Smithtown. Contact us online or by calling (631) 664-8369 today to speak with one of our friendly team members. We can’t help to achieve the look you love! 



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