Luxurious Two-Level Outdoor Living With a Pool, Waterfall, and Fire Pit

Many suburban lots are relatively flat, so when a homeowner asks us to create a backyard pool retreat, it’s usually a fairly straightforward project. For this Suffolk County home, we faced the challenge of turning a sloped lot into an outdoor escape, complete with a luxury pool, an expansive pool deck, and a cozy, private fire pit area. Our landscape designers used the terrain to create two distinct outdoor spaces: The pool area is open and playful, while the fire pit area is secluded and tranquil. A stunning infinity pool takes advantage of the views, and the water cascading from the pool over a sheer descent waterfall adds a unique touch of sophistication.

The change in elevation is softened by terraces filled with greenery. A soft gray paver palette and buff-colored masonry walls blend beautifully with the home’s traditional architecture and harmonize with the backyard’s natural elements. Large-format MSI paver stones on the pool deck and fire pit area offer a clean, modern look. Walkways between each distinct space use individual pavers interspersed with grass to create visual interest as well as a soft transition between the hardscape areas and the natural landscape. The result is a luxurious yet family-friendly backyard retreat.