Melville, NY


Turning stones into homes, crafting outdoor harmony.

This bespoke masonry project was meticulously crafted for a homeowner in Melville, New York, where we executed a comprehensive overhaul of their pool patio, retaining walls, firepit area, driveway, and walkways. A blend of refined aesthetic and utility was our core design principle, creating an outdoor living space that not only offers remarkable beauty but also guarantees longevity and practicality.

The heart of the project was the pool area. We transformed the existing patio with Unilock Beacon Hill XL Smooth stones in the Fossil shade. Known for its durability and luxurious finish, Beacon Hill provided the perfect frame for the pool, creating a smooth, clean backdrop against the water. Adding another layer of elegance, the pool coping was crafted from Cambridge Ledgestone Cap in Onyx Natural. Its unique texture and color brought a visually stimulating contrast against the smoother Beacon Hill stones.

Intricate detailing was added through a band of Coal River Rock placed directly behind the pool coping. This created a visually appealing contrast and helped define the pool area within the patio. For the main patio area where the seating arrangement was planned, we used the same Beacon Hill Flagstone as around the pool for a seamless blend, providing a unified aesthetic across the entire outdoor space.

We utilized Pennsylvania Wallstone to construct retaining walls. Known for its rugged appearance and unparalleled strength, this stone was the ideal choice for holding back the earth, while also adding an element of rustic charm to the property.

Near the firepit, we constructed walls using Pangea Natural Ledgestone Veneer, culminating in a cozy, warm, and inviting space. The walls were capped with Black Bluestone, a material recognized for its sturdy nature and captivating visual appeal, providing a perfect contrast to the Ledgestone Veneer.

The homeowner’s driveway underwent a complete transformation using Cambridge Belgian 5 in the Limestone Quarry Blend. The chosen stone brought a grandeur feel, while maintaining a classic and timeless look. An inlay of Ledgestone 4.5’x9’ in Coal was meticulously placed around the patio and walkway to define the boundaries and provide a visual break.

The right side of the pool was bordered with high-quality turf, adding a touch of greenery to the stone-dominated area. It worked brilliantly in blending the area into the surrounding landscape. For safety and to highlight the beauty of the masonry work, path lighting was installed throughout, creating a charming ambiance during the evening hours.

In conclusion, this project involved the expert application of various stone materials, each chosen for their distinctive properties, to create a cohesive, functional, and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space. The masonry work carried out has not only added value to the property but has also given the homeowner a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy for years to come.