Merrick, NY


Elevating Outdoor Living with Exquisite Design

This transformative project in Merrick, NY saw the complete revitalization of a backyard, offering a unique blend of luxury and practicality. The backyard now boasts a range of stunning features and recreational spaces, all seamlessly interwoven with a careful selection of exquisite stone materials that create a sophisticated, modern aesthetic.

The heart of the backyard redesign is the pool patio area, now exquisitely laid with MSI Porcelain in the soft, inviting color of Fossil Snow. This visually striking stone serves as the backbone of the project, bringing both durability and refined elegance to the outdoor space. Encircling the pool is a beautifully crafted firepit made from contrasting blue stone treads, serving as a cozy gathering point for outdoor entertainment.

Extending from the pool area, a raised patio elevates the design both literally and metaphorically. Laid with the same Fossil Snow MSI Porcelain, the patio integrates effortlessly with the overall landscape, creating a sense of unified luxury. This elevated platform is not merely an aesthetic feature; it houses a fully-functional outdoor kitchen, providing the perfect setup for al fresco dining and entertaining.

Striking blue stone treads create steps leading up to the elevated patio, and serve as the backbone for the columns supporting the outdoor kitchen. These elements bring a strong structural contrast, and their robust and elegant qualities enhance the visual depth of the project.

Intricately placed highlights of Alaska Grey Honed Veneer Stone bring a contemporary feel to the design. This distinctive, cool-hued stone serves as the perfect accompaniment to the MSI Porcelain, adding a layer of sophisticated charm to the backyard.

The outcome of this project is an exquisite, multifunctional backyard space that provides an exceptional environment for relaxation and socializing. This carefully crafted transformation merges function and form, creating an outdoor space that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is practical, giving the homeowner a personalized haven right in their backyard.