St. James


Creating Signature Spaces with Uncompromising Quality and Design

We recently completed an elaborate residential masonry project for a homeowner in St. James, NY, where our goal was to enhance the outdoor living space with a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. This project is a testament to our craftsmanship, attention to detail, and commitment to using high-quality materials.

The main stone used in this project was the Cambridge Ledgestone XL in the Oceanside color. Renowned for its rugged, weathered appearance, and soft hues, the Ledgestone XL gave the project a natural, rustic charm. This stone provided a classic look to the majority of the masonry work, offering an elegant harmony between the home and its outdoor surroundings.

To create a visually pleasing contrast, we incorporated a border of Brick Alley Onyx Natural. The bold onyx color provided a striking counterpoint to the Oceanside hue of the Ledgestone, marking out the borders and giving the space a sophisticated touch.

In the pool area, we used Onyx Natural 12×24 Cambridge Cap for the pool coping. This choice ensured a seamless transition from the water to the surrounding areas and delivered a comfortable and safe ledge around the pool.

The wall of the waterfall and the firepit were crafted with an Onyx Natural 6” Matryx Wall. The sleek onyx color perfectly complemented the calming ambiance of the waterfall and the warmth of the firepit, creating inviting spots for relaxation and entertainment.

For the outdoor kitchen and columns, we employed the Eco-Ridge Pro Fit veneer from Boral. Known for its contemporary appeal and versatility, the Eco-Ridge veneer brought a modern touch to the project and helped the outdoor kitchen and columns integrate smoothly with the overall design.

To add further charm and distinction to the outdoor space, we integrated elements of turf and bluestone. These features brought a harmonious balance between the built environment and the natural elements of the property, offering a serene and verdant atmosphere.

In conclusion, this project showcases the integration of different materials and designs to craft an outdoor space that offers both beauty and functionality. It demonstrates our expertise in custom masonry and landscaping, and our commitment to meeting the unique needs and preferences of homeowners in St. James, NY.